Hack Win 7 Admin Password

Anyone want to know how to hack window 7 admin password, there is lots of way for hacks. This is very easy method change admin password without their permission It works when you login on admin panel .This trick done through CMD. It's so simple if you follow me step by step...

Step 1:- Press start button and type CMD run as administrator. 

Hack Admin Password

Step 2:- In command prompt type this command "net user" and press enter.

Hack Windows Admin Password

Step 3:- When command execute it show admin name in command prompt section.

Hack Windows Admin Password

Step 4:- Now Type this command "net user admin *".

Windows Hack

Step 5:- Here you can enter a new admin password which you want use.you will not see any type of character in cmd window when you type a password, don't be panic they are not visible but they got type.

Windows Hacking

Step 6:- Re-type the same password in Confirm Password option.

Windows Hacking with CMD

You are done command execute successfully, password is changed now. 

CMD Hacking

Note:- This work only when you login as admin panel not guest panel.