Netbus Trojan

Netbus Trojan (RAT) is a malware or type of spyware,which use to control windows OS remotely. We will show you how to use this Trojan for attack windows.

Netbus Trojan

It was originally written in Paskel Programming language and developed by Swedish programmer Carl-Fredrik Neikter in 1998. The first attack in 1999 through Netbus, attacker use this software to plant child pornography on a law scholar's work computer at Lund University. Carl-Fredrik claimed netbus was designed as a prank, but as you can see, it’s very easy to use and just as dangerous. Now we will show you how to use this trojan for an attack.

Step 1: - First you need a trojan file download from this link  Media fire. When your file download. Extract this zip file and yo will see this type of list inside the folder.

Step 2: -Now do simple step install this patch file on victim computer 

Step 3: - Start  Netbus trojan now. Enter the victim IP. If you don't have click on the scan button to find all the victim who is connected to LAN.

Step 4: - After entering the victim IP click on connect option, now you will get a notification in status bar.Now you can control victim PC.

These are the feature of this trojan. 
  • Open/Close CD-ROM
  • Show image.
  • Swap mouse buttons.
  • Start program
  • File Manager 
  • Control mouse.
  • Shut down Windows.
  • Send Text
  • Play Sound.
  • Take a screen dump.
Disclaimer: This tutorial for education purpose. We are not responsible for any type of damage.