10 Jan 2017

Islamic Hackers Hack Australian Website

A group of Islamic hackers Tunisian Islamist admits that they hack ALP(Australian Labor Party) Victorian treasurer, "Timothy Hugh Pallas" website. This group told that they protest killing people in Syria.

Mr Pallas' Labor Party site was hacked on Wednesday by a gathering calling itself the Tunisian Fallaga team. After this hack,cyber security expert gain website access in a few hours and Mr. Pallas site work properly.

Australian Labour party member told that now they are moving forward to more secure domain server after this hacking incident. This hacking  group post injured and dead children picture and war footage on a website.

6 Nov 2016

Anonymous Hack Bradley Foundation Network

Anonymous hack Milwaukee based Bradley Foundation charitable trust network and leaked their private detail about American president candidate Hillary Clinton.

Cyber security Expert judges that it’s a phony attack. This responsibility has been taken by "Anonymous Global" when they tweet this information on twitter. After posting on Twitter, anonymous hackers group released a letter that seemed to be sent by the Bradley Foundation management requesting the concerned department to transfer $150 million amount sent to Hillary Clinton election campaign.

26 Aug 2016

Russian Hackers Attack New York Time Journalists

American Federal Bureau of Investigation agency (FBI) investigate Russian intelligence have carried out cyber attack against New York Times journalists.

United State authorities trust the photo rising up out of the arrangement of late interruptions is that Russian hackers utilising a rush of digital assaults, incorporating against research organisations in Washington, to accumulate knowledge from an expansive cluster of non-administrative associations with windows into the US political framework.

Russian hackers are focusing on news associations as a major aspect of a more extensive arrangement of hacks that likewise host concentrated on Democratic Gathering associations, the authorities said.

News associations are viewed as top targets since they can yield significant insight on journalist contacts in the legislature, and correspondences and unpublished works with delicate data, US government authorities accept.

5 Jul 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Cover His Laptop Camera And Microphone

Latest image on Twitter reveals Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hacking fear. He covers his MacBook webcam and audio jack with a tape for protecting himself from cyber criminals.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg might be one of Earth's most intense figures, with over one billion active clients effectively associated with the world’s biggest social networking website.

It's understood that Facebook does not take it so nearly with regards to the security of its clients. Additional striking is that, the preeminent supreme boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, just without a doubt gives a high esteem on his protection and thusly secured his webcam while taking photos.

Cyber security specialists clarify that the Facebook CEO is long way from paranoid. In fact, cyber criminals can assume control over a PC. So they can see through its webcam and listen through the receiver all that you do or say.That’s why mark covers their laptop camera and microphone jack with tape. 

Facebook CO Founder and chief executive officer looked happy in this picture, because there is something to celebrate at California facebook headquarter. Zuckerberg celebrate Instagram's latest goal after reaching 500 million monthly active users.

16 Apr 2016

Hackers Plan To Attack US Bank

Group of cyber criminal makes a combine new 'Double-Headed Beast' Trojan for US on-line banking attack.

Anonymous Hackers

Toward the beginning of April, Hackers combine two malware  Nymaim and Gozi to create  "Double-Headed Beast" trojan called GozNym to steal $4M from US banks in just three days.The Trojan, recognized by IBM X-Force Research, is accepted to have stolen millions from 24 American and Canadian banks in only three days. 

IBM security consultant Limor Kessem told "GozNym is a greatly stealthy, Trojan consolidating the best of both Nymaim and Gozi ISFB to make an extremely dangerous risk. Limor Kessem is one of the top cyber intelligence experts at IBM Security. IBM cyber expert has  studied the GozNym malware and can help banks and other targeted  associations take in more about this high-chance risk.

 The new Trojan is apparently being spread by means of malware-contaminated messages,which then allow cyber criminal  to crack and control the victim's browser, gain access to their data and credentials and break into their bank accounts.

11 Apr 2016

Anonymous Hack philippines EC Website

Anonymous hackers group hack Philippines Election Commission (COMELEC) website and leaked 55 million voter Identity.

Anonymous hack Philippines Election Commission

Philippines cyber group anonymous start war against their government form couple of year, with defacements of websites and leaving messages against the policy makers. Now once again anonymous hackers hack Philippines government election commission (COMELEC) website and leave a message on website and social media about possible fraud during next month's election.

Unknown Philippines individuals expected that some degenerate government authorities may attempt to manhandle PSOC (Precinct Count Optical Scan) gadgets to control votes for some hopeful.Hackers claim they just need reasonable decisions.