18 Nov 2015

Anonymous Has Start The War Against ISIS And Leaked Their Twitter Account Detail

Anonymous has started releasing the individual data of suspected radicals, after it "announced war" on Isis in the wake of the fatal assaults in Paris.

Anonymous War Against ISIS

The lobbyist group is amassing arrangements of the Twitter records and sites of radicals, trying to have them brought down. No less than one post seen by The Independent contains points of interest including the physical location of a man it cases is an Isis scout in Europe.

 Perused MORE Unknown versus Isis: Twitter has turned into a battleground Activists case to have effectively had records and locales brought down as of now. Records connected with the gathering guaranteed that it was in charge of the evacuation of more than 5,500 records. 

The gathering seems to have ventured up its strategies for what it called its "greatest operation" ever, in light of the assaults that left 129 dead. Beforehand it had to a great extent concentrated on online networking records.