9 Apr 2016

Anonymous Hackers Attacks Israel

Anonymous Hackers use cyber attack against Israel, and leaked their government secret information.

Anonymous Hackers  Attacks Israel
Israel Cyber Conter

On 7 April cyber world group anonymous use cyber attacks against Israel, and hack their government website and collect some secret data from it .Anonymous use Distributed Denial of Service attack against their website. DDOS is a type of service attack where multiple system target single computer.

Israel cyber security expert told that, our system are highly secured and Our operation center, IL-CERT, is comprised of Israel’s best security specialists. The knowledge base is massive and the attackers have no tactics, so we can mitigate their attacks.”we are ready any time for facing any cyber threat,we cant find any type of issue in our server.

It's the ideal opportunity for Anonymous, which could be a power for positive change, to grow up.