16 Apr 2016

Hackers Plan To Attack US Bank

Group of cyber criminal makes a combine new 'Double-Headed Beast' Trojan for US on-line banking attack.

Anonymous Hackers

Toward the beginning of April, Hackers combine two malware  Nymaim and Gozi to create  "Double-Headed Beast" trojan called GozNym to steal $4M from US banks in just three days.The Trojan, recognized by IBM X-Force Research, is accepted to have stolen millions from 24 American and Canadian banks in only three days. 

IBM security consultant Limor Kessem told "GozNym is a greatly stealthy, Trojan consolidating the best of both Nymaim and Gozi ISFB to make an extremely dangerous risk. Limor Kessem is one of the top cyber intelligence experts at IBM Security. IBM cyber expert has  studied the GozNym malware and can help banks and other targeted  associations take in more about this high-chance risk.

 The new Trojan is apparently being spread by means of malware-contaminated messages,which then allow cyber criminal  to crack and control the victim's browser, gain access to their data and credentials and break into their bank accounts.