16 Jan 2017

Russia Facing Cyber Attack From Abroad

Russia Kremlin Security Council Secretary  Nikolai Patrushev said in an interview, Moscow is aggressively targeting information networks in the United States and Europe.

United state intelligence agency CIA blame that Russia interfered in the presidential election of united state.Russia has dismissed the accusations as a “witch-hunt”.

Mr. Patrushev gave an interview on Sunday to "Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily", he told that we have noticed a critical attempt to harm Russian informational server from outer power United state and Europe. In this interview, he directly blames United State and Europe for digital assault attempt. 

Patrushev also gave a message to Barak Obama, you ignore the main thing, that the main servers of internet based on the territory of the United States, and use by the US  agency for intelligence and other purposes. 

However, he added that Moscow planned to set up "productive contacts" with the Trump official. Donald Trump, who praised Putin before becoming elected president, and has called for better ties with Moscow.