3 Mar 2018

How to Solve Windows 10 Updates Assistant Problems

If you’re using Windows 10 as in your current operating system, these day’s you have seen automatic alert by Microsoft to update your windows 10. 

Update assistant automatically downloads in your system while you're surfing the internet. And it slows your pc to install the new update. If you’re using genuine windows you can install these updates. Otherwise, for pirated users, we don’t recommend to install these updates. 

Most of the users won’t be able to uninstall these updates because they don’t know the actual way to stop windows update assistant. 

We’re going to share with our readers, how to stop this alert. Below is step by step process you can follow it. 

1. Go to start and type “Task Scheduler” and hit enter. 

2. After that another window open here you can click on “Task Scheduler Library” which is available on the top left corner of the window.

3. Now another category open, in this category you can double-click on “Microsoft

4. Now click on “windows”. 

5. Inside this category find “Update Orchestrator” and double click on it. 

6. After that, you can see another window top of the center. In this option, you can disable three folder name as below. 
  • UpdateAssistant
  • UpdateAssistantCalendarRun
  • UpdateAssistantWakeupRun

7. Now again you can move on to the right section and find another folder named as “Windows Update” and double click on this folder. 

7. Now disable the “Automatic App Update” which is available in the top of the center. 

Now you’re done. After this process, the window doesn’t show you auto alert regarding widows assistant update.