How to Remotely Shutdown Computer

Do you want to know how to shut down or restart any computer which is connect to the internet. We are going to show you how to control windows system with command prompt very easily. Follow these steps given below.

1.) Go to start type "cmd" in search box and run it as administrator.

Control other PC 

2.) Make a sure you connected on a network. In command prompt type "netview" and hit enter.This will shows all users name list who available on network.

Control Other PC Through CMD

3.) Then type ping (space) and the computer name that you wish to target. For eg. "ping studyroom". This command shows all users IP. 

Control Windows System Through CMD

4.) Once that is complete type in "shutdown -i" then press enter.

Windows System Control By CMD

5.) Now Remote Shutdown Dialog Box appear click on add option.

Windows System Hack with CMD

6.) Now you can add the IP of target computer. IP address shown in fig.4 when type a ping command. Select what you want to do that computer shut down or restart and then hit OK. You can choose if it will be an unexpected shut down or a warning for a amount of second they have left to save whatever they need to save.

Windows Hack by CMS

After a sometime it will automatically shutdown. This is one of the best trick to control windows system.