How To Surf Web Anonymously

You want to surf the Internet anonymously or want to hide your IP. There are so many reasons why you want to surf the Internet anonymously. First, we will give you a little bit information about what is IP, proxy server, VPN and Tor Browser and how to use these software or servers for hiding  your identity

Every system which is connected to the Internet has a unique Internet protocol address associated with itself. An IP address basically acts as unique identity of a computer, which has been connected to the Internet. And IP address is basically computer identity on the Internet at which it can be contacted.  

IP Address

Proxy Server: -
 Is like a virtual mask, for example, if I could wear a mask, and walk on the street very few people would be able to recognize me because the mask I would be wearing will hide my face which is my real identity. This is the work of proxy server which can hide your identity. Win Gate and Win Proxy are excellent software for window and for Unix Squid is the best example. If you want to use on-line server we will show you step by step how to connect on-line proxy server website.

1.) Go to your browser and type This is a Russian proxy server website.

How to  Surf  Web Anonymously
Russian Online Proxy Server

2.) Type an address of website at top in website address bar which you want to access. Now you are connected with the proxy server.This on-line proxy server hides your permanent location. 

How to  Surf  Web Anonymously
Anonymizer Russian Proxy Server
2.) VPN:–Is called as virtual private network use for protecting your sensitive data from the cyber criminal. You just only download and install on your PC and add your server location which you want to use. We will recommend you, Hotspot Shield. This is the best software for the private network.

How to  Surf  Web Anonymously

3.) Tor Browser: - It's a free and open network design for browse internet anonymously.Tor prevents people from learning your location.This is the best ever browser design for privacy. If you want to know more about Tor Project Click here for Tor: Overview. You can download this browser link at here. Download Tor BrowserIf you will combine Tor and VPN together, it's our guarantee nobody can track you. 

How to  Surf  Web Anonymously
Tor Browser
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