What is Deep Web & Dark Web

There is two type of the web on the internet. One is called surface web which normal people should use through a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. and the second one is called Deep Web and dark web.

Dark Web

Today we will discuss the topic of dark & deep web. Both are the platform of the internet where all of the illegal activities has been done by cyber criminals. These activities include drugs supply, child pornography, hire hackers, any of work which is situated as illegal. 

Deep Web content cannot crawl by various search engine bot's because it's restricted or available in the form of box. Search engine only index URL so not possible for search engine to crawl it. Its content available in in many website in the form of box. It can access by VPN. You can't imagine how bigger deep web is. We will give you one eg. One man standing in the room, his head is called surface web which is around 10% and 90 % body cover with the deep web. Now you know how big
ger this is. 

Deep Web

Dark Web is also the part of the deep web. You can called it as more deeper side of the internet. Special software  required for access drark web. This special software called Tor. It is also named as onion root where multiple proxies chains are connected together to secure user actual IP. Bitcoin is the primary currency of this platform. Criminals buy and sell thing's through this cryptocurrency. Dark web domain extension is denoted with .onion. Every single domain who is with .onion extension is dark web domain. Our opinion for you, never access this platform without any knowledge. Because when you enter in this web your PC definitely control by hackers. After that,  they should do everything with your computer system what they want.