What is Incognito Mode in Web Browser

Incognito mode is a part of web browser or tool offer by the browser to surf the internet without store any of your Web surfing history, cookies, download history, or login credentials.

Incognito Mode in Google Chrome 

Purpose For Using Incognito Mode

The answer is simple you want to keep your Internet activity secret from other people who use the same computer or device. Most of the time company employee use this mode for browse internet. But one thing keeps in mind you aren’t invisible. Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the websites you visit. So don’t do anything stupid or illegal.

How to USE Incognito Mode

For incognito mode activation do simple step. All browser shortcut is different for chrome you can press ctrl+ shift+n or simply go to customise tab and select incognito tab. For Mozilla click on all menu tab and select incognito tab, and for Microsoft edge, you can click on three dot available in the top upper right corner of browser and select New InPrivate Winddow.  All done incognito mode is activated. Now you can surf Internet without storing cookies, history & password in browser.

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