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7 Feb 2017

Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Dark Web Websites

Anonymous hackers group "Motherboard" hack dark web hosting website "Freedom Hosting" which associated with child pornography.

Anonymous Hack Dark Web

According to The Verge, anonymous group says "Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked," the message read. More than 10000 websites have been affected by anonymous group.

Anonymous member told that more than half of their hosting data store with child pornography. Anonymous group also told that they also offer  data back to Freedom Hosting II for 0.1 bitcoin, or about $100, however The Verge said "it is unclear whether the offer is in earnest."

Freedom hosting is one of the largest hosting provider on the dark web.Most of onion website purchase their hosting form Freedom hosting.

Dark web is the world biggest platform, bigger then surface web, it's use for selling weapons, drugs, credit card details and other illicit goods,

18 Jan 2017

Anonymous expose Donald Trump

Anonymous hackers international "hacktivist group" gave a message to president-elect Donald Trump on twitter, he will regret the next four years.

Anonymous expose Donald Trump

Anonymous hacker "hacktivist group," told that Donald trump has a personal relation with Russian mobsters child traffickers and money launderers. The Russian Mafia currently specializes in the import and export of cars, weapons, nd drugs from Russia to the US and illegal arms dealing.

This Tweet came after Donald Trump targeted outgoing CIA(Central Intelligence Agency) chief John Brennan with a Tweet saying, ‘Was this the leaker of fake news?’