7 Apr 2018

Does Facebook Really Share Your Account Data ?

Facebook, This is one of the top names in social networking platform. Or you can call Facebook as world biggest social networking website. In this topic, we are going to reveal Facebook biggest scam. 

Source: Facebook.com

Facebook is the world biggest social networking website. It has more than 2.5 billion users worldwide. Maximum peoples are using Facebook at present time. You're using Facebook to talk to your family members, friends, and other known people. You or every single person who is using Facebook don't want that his or her Facebook account data share with other people without your permission. 

While you have created a Facebook account you have to follow its guideline and data policy. No one wants to read Facebook data policy because everyone thinks this is useless. We suggest you, read Facebook data policy once. 

In facebook data guideline you have already accepted that Facebook can access anything related to your browsing behavior, chat, IP addresses. It means Facebook knows everything about you like what you've loved most, what you're doing, what is your current location, which browser you're using most, how much hours you have spent in Facebook etc. Now you know how important information Facebook can collect from you. 

But here, the situation is different, the latest news has shown that Facebook shares its user data with the private company. 

In the latest news statement, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits that Facebook headquarters share users data with Cambridge Analytica, London based political firm. Zuckerberg also said, give me another chance, I will be the best CEO of this company. It means he feels regret for this mistake. But it's not a small mistake. 

In the latest news statement, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits that Facebook headquarters share Facebook users data with Cambridge Analytica, London based political firm. Zuckerberg also said, give me another chance, I will be the best CEO of this company. It means he feels regret for this mistake. But it's not a small mistake. 

Again we aware you, don't share anything personal on Facebook with your known. Because it creates a problem for you in future. 

3 Mar 2018

How to Solve Windows 10 Updates Assistant Problems

If you’re using Windows 10 as in your current operating system, these day’s you have seen automatic alert by Microsoft to update your windows 10. 

Update assistant automatically downloads in your system while you're surfing the internet. And it slows your pc to install the new update. If you’re using genuine windows you can install these updates. Otherwise, for pirated users, we don’t recommend to install these updates. 

Most of the users won’t be able to uninstall these updates because they don’t know the actual way to stop windows update assistant. 

We’re going to share with our readers, how to stop this alert. Below is step by step process you can follow it. 

1. Go to start and type “Task Scheduler” and hit enter. 

2. After that another window open here you can click on “Task Scheduler Library” which is available on the top left corner of the window.

3. Now another category open, in this category you can double-click on “Microsoft

4. Now click on “windows”. 

5. Inside this category find “Update Orchestrator” and double click on it. 

6. After that, you can see another window top of the center. In this option, you can disable three folder name as below. 
  • UpdateAssistant
  • UpdateAssistantCalendarRun
  • UpdateAssistantWakeupRun

7. Now again you can move on to the right section and find another folder named as “Windows Update” and double click on this folder. 

7. Now disable the “Automatic App Update” which is available in the top of the center. 

Now you’re done. After this process, the window doesn’t show you auto alert regarding widows assistant update. 

25 Feb 2018

Best Free Antivirus in 2018 by Anonymous Group

Today the anonymous group is going to share with you some of the top free computer antivirus programs which are very useful for your personal computer in 2018.

Antivirus is a computer program that is created for protecting your system from any type of Trojan, Malware & Spyware threat. Peoples are using these software programs to protect their system from the online threat. 

In the market, there are so many antiviruses available for your system. Most of the time you're confused about how to choose perfect antivirus which is suitable for your computer system. Sometimes you take wrong decision while choosing antivirus. Because of this, your PC getting slow. 

We have calculated all of our metrics and below is our final list of top free antivirus in 2018.
  1. Kaspersky
  2. Avira
  3. Comodo Antivirus
  4. AVG Antivirus
  5. Avast Free Antivirus 

These are the top free antivirus by us. You can use these antivirus programs to secures your computer system.

We have added avast at the last position because most o the people complain that their system becoming slow after installing this antivirus.

11 Feb 2018

Russian Scientist Arrested for Mining Bitcoin in Government Facilities

Scientist in Russian nuclear faculties arrested for mining bitcoins in Government nuclear center. Russian cybersecurity expert says that “Nuclear scientist was trying to using a nuclear center supercomputer to mine bitcoin”. 

Russian Nuclear Facilities 
Sarov is the restricted nuclear place in Russia from USSR cold war. This is the place where Soviet Biggest nuclear bomb was tested called “Tsar Bomb”. In this secret base Russian government using these supercomputers to handle these kinds of task. Russian nuclear lab officials said, “There has been an unsanctioned attempt to use computer facilities for private purposes including so-called mining”. 

Russian news agency "Mash" said that supercomputer was not connected to the internet. Scientist was trying to do this but his attempt failed and computer send an instruction to the nuclear center's security department that someone wants to gain access internet on the system.

Bitcoin is a very trending topic in today time, because of its rate. If someone wants to mine bitcoin, that person needs a very powerful supercomputer to confirm transaction did by other. 

10 Dec 2017

How to Hide IP Address with Tor Browser ?

Today we are discussing the major topic of anonymity. Tor, this is one of the secret or you can call it as the safest browser on the internet. We’re going to share with all of our readers, how this browser works and how you can use this browser to hide online identity.
It is an internet browser that use to hide IP address. It looks like onion, when you cutting onion you can see layer and layer and another layer. Tor works same like this. It uses multiple encrypted proxy chains together that hide your actual system address. It's also used for surfing dark web

Tor Logo

Privacy is very important today time, while you surfing the internet. If someone gets to access your IP(Internet Protocol) address, he can do everything with your personal computer. We also want freedom on the internet. But most of the websites send cookies to your web browser and access your personal  IP, browsing behavior and other things which is related to you. These websites include Facebook, Google and other. For these type of online threat, Tor was created. 

History of Onion Router 

For preventing online threat this browser was designed by United State Naval official Paul Syverson, Michael G. Reed, and David Goldschlag in mid-1990. These three people are the inventor of this web browser. This is open source software freely available on its official website.

Process for Tor Installation:

Download onion router from its official website torprojects.org It's available for all type of Operating Systems. You can choose your OS version and download it. Now you can install it on your personal computer. It requires minimum 80MB space. After installation, it makes a shortcut icon on your desktop where you can get easily access this browser. 

How Tor Works: 

Below are some point, how this browser works and how it protects your actual IP address.
Tor using relay's(node) while you connected to this browser. Relay basically look like proxies. Below is the example. If Alice wants to send mail to Bob, Tor makes relays circuit for Alice

Tor Working Process. Source:- torprojects.org

Alice system IP connects to the first relay, and this relay sends Alice to another relay to continue. The same process continues work and Tor send Alice to the final relay. These all relay are encrypted. None of the relays can actually know your IP address. If you connect to the first relay, this relay knows other relay IP address, not your's. None of these relay knows how traffic routed overall networks. When connection established it send to you final relay which is same for every user who is using Tor network.

Tor Working Process. Source:- torprojects.org

To protect your identity it change your relay path automatically after 10 minutes and sends to you through another path. Final relay not encrypted, so you need to be aware of that.

Tor Working Process. torprojects.org

Instructions Before Access:-
You need to remind some point before accessing tor.
  1. Tor doesn't fully protect your online activity. This browser only works while you're using internet only with this browser. If you're using other software for surfing the internet it won't protect your identity. Because it's not like a VPN who create a bridge.  
  2. Some of people's  blame that attacker can easy track final node. Because Tor final node is decrypted. For this problem, we suggest you connect VPN before accessing this browser. While you combine both of this software there no chances left for the attacker to get your system address.
  3. Make a sure, while you're using Tor, don't try to maximize window size. Because chances increase high for the attacker to get your final node address.
  4. Don't use the extra extension in this browser. 
  5. Don't use torrent while surfing Tor. Because it can easily reveal your identity.  
  6. Don't download anything while you're using this browser.
  7. You need to use high-speed internet connection when you want to connect with this browser. Because it needs to connect multiple relays in a single time. Before you want to access, choose high-speed Internet connection.
These are some important points you need to remember before using this web browser. While you follow this process, you can easily hide your IP address.

13 Sep 2017

What Are The Basic Steps For Becoming Hacker ?

Hacking is a type of computer skill that can use to gain access personal computer and files without admin permission. Most of teenager wants to make a career in Hacking. Likewise, they want to become a cyber security expert. Today we are going to share some point's that are very useful to become cyber security expert.

How to Become a Haker
Yes, hacking is a crime, but it’s depending on you why do you want to do, for good work or bad. Our openion for you, choose always good work. And if you want to go through wrong side then it’s your choice. How big hacker you’re one-day cyber security expert will definitely track you. So, do always good job not bad. In cyber world, there are three types of hackers.
  1. White Hat (Ethical Hackers):- These are those people who did their job for a government organization. They're using their computer skill for doing a good work. Like protecting user data from cyber criminals, finding the bug in security system etc. They always did a good job. 
  2. Grey Hat Hackers:- These types of hackers do good and bad things. In simple meaning, these are those people who not in the side of white hat hacker or not inside of black hat hackers. 
  3. Black Hat Hackers:- These are the bad guys you can call them cyber criminals who always want to do illegal things.
These are the main category of hackers. Now it’s your choice where you want to go. Want to do well, or want to mix bad and good or only want to bad. 

Coming to the main point, hacking is not easy in today time. Most of the websites and device are encrypted by 128-bit and 256-bit encryption. In past, encryption is used but not in a way like this. Now maximum device and websites are protected by high-end encryption. For a normal computer, doesn’t possible to break that encryption. That doesn’t mean you can’t hack anything. Below are the basics steps for starting a career in cyber security.

Kali Linux 2017 Logo
  1. You have to start with basics network concepts like cryptography, networks protocols, and data layers. 
  2. Gain knowledge about spy, worms, key logger how all these Trojan works.
  3. You also have to aware about proxy, online proxy, VPN how these tools hide your online identity. 
  4. If you want to start hacking, privacy is very important. Start using Tor onion root browser and learn about it. This is the securest browser in the world. 
  5. Start learning programming language Python, C, C++. These are very important language when you want to run a command or want to make any type of software. 
  6. The main concept in hacking is Kali Linux. It is one of the best-operating systems design for hacking. It offers offensive security that use to protect your system from online threat. It has more than 600 inbuilt tools that are useful in hacking. Some of most popular tools are penetration testing stress testing, air cracks hydra etc. Python language is used in Kali Linux command shell. Learn this language if you want to know more about Kali.
These are some basics step's. If you want to go deeper in hacking choose networking course. In our next article, we will give you a deep introduction about Kali Linux. 

9 Jul 2017

How to Become Member of Anonymous Group ?

Today time everyone wants to become like anonymous. Many of people want to join this organization because they think anonymous solves every problem. Most of them don’t know what Anonymous actually is, they also don’t know who operates this organization, where is headquarter of this organization. We are going to share that identity, who operate this group worldwide. 

Anonymous Flag

This is an online community where all member from worldwide connects together. It was founded in 2003. You can only recognize these people by guy fox mask. There is no another way left to identification. No one knows how many people associated with them worldwide. It is one of the mysterious Cyber group from past decade. They also involve hacking  ISIS social media accounts & websites. Below is the most famous line use by every anonymous.

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us"

Now come to the main point, how to become a part of this community. So you want to join Anonymous group. You can’t join because it doesn't exist. No any centralized infrastructure where all operation controlled by one person. We don’t have any official website or social network page. Some person mentions on their website that they are from official HQ. But There is no any headquarter exists.   

It means no option available for becoming a member. No, you can join but through another way. Call yourself anonymous, No one sitting inside the office said, come join our company. No need any kind of computer skills or qualification required for becoming a member. Become your own guru. Everyone has a different kind of skill. Use that skill to help people. Then you become a real anonymous.