Cookies Policy


We use cookies on this website to provide a better experience to our readers. We are using cookies in various sections of website forms, login, registrations and traffic analysis. Below are the various types of cookies that we are using.

Google Analytics: Google analytics is a traffic analysis tool provided by Google. It is basically used to calculating the traffic. Most of the websites in the world are using this tool to track the traffic. Google Analytics scripts send the cookies to the user browser and take a few information from it regarding what user doing while visiting this website, where the user comes from. It can track four types of traffic organic, referral, social and direct It can also track the behavior of the user where they land on the website and where users exit.

Yandex Metrica: We use Yndex Metrica web analytics tool by Yandex that track user behaviour.

Google Adsense: Google Adsense is an advertisement platform runs by Google. We are using Google advertisement cookies scripts for showing relevant ads related to the user interest. This scripts check user browsing behavior and show ads according to his interest.

Custom Cookies: We are also using custom cookies in our contact form to check spammy comments and bots issue. Few people were trying to comments and send us bulk requests through bots. To control this we are using custom scripts.

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