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18 Jan 2017

Anonymous expose Donald Trump

Anonymous hackers international "hacktivist group" gave a message to president-elect Donald Trump on twitter, he will regret the next four years.

Anonymous expose Donald Trump

Anonymous hacker "hacktivist group," told that Donald trump has a personal relation with Russian mobsters child traffickers and money launderers. The Russian Mafia currently specializes in the import and export of cars, weapons, nd drugs from Russia to the US and illegal arms dealing.

This Tweet came after Donald Trump targeted outgoing CIA(Central Intelligence Agency) chief John Brennan with a Tweet saying, ‘Was this the leaker of fake news?’

16 Jan 2017

Russia Facing Cyber Attack From Abroad

Russia Kremlin Security Council Secretary  Nikolai Patrushev said in an interview, Moscow is aggressively targeting information networks in the United States and Europe.

United state intelligence agency CIA blame that Russia interfered in the presidential election of united state.Russia has dismissed the accusations as a “witch-hunt”.

Mr. Patrushev gave an interview on Sunday to "Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily", he told that we have noticed a critical attempt to harm Russian informational server from outer power United state and Europe. In this interview, he directly blames United State and Europe for digital assault attempt. 

Patrushev also gave a message to Barak Obama, you ignore the main thing, that the main servers of internet based on the territory of the United States, and use by the US  agency for intelligence and other purposes. 

However, he added that Moscow planned to set up "productive contacts" with the Trump official. Donald Trump, who praised Putin before becoming elected president, and has called for better ties with Moscow.

13 Jan 2017

Rudy Giuliani Appoint As Leader of Trump Cyber Security Team

United State president elected Donald Trump cyber security expert team were announced on Tuesday. Former New York City mayor Mr. Rudy Giuliani will be advising President Elected of USA on cyber security issues.

Rudy Giuliani Adress Media On Cyber Security Issue in Trump Tower

Mr. Giuliani was selected as team lead because of his long and very successful gov career in law enforcement and now he had sixteen years of work providing cyber security solutions in the private sector, Donald Trump team official said.

Conversation with media journalist in Trump Tower, Giuliani said it’s my responsibility to bringing all those corporate leaders together and setting up meeting with Donald Trump, so they can share their cyber security threat and solutions.

Trump takes this action after in his first media conference he told that, Russia was behind election hack.

12 Jan 2017

Donald Trump Admit Russia Was Behind Election Hack

For the first time on Wednesday, American Republican party elected president Donald  J Trump admit in his first news conference after elected president, he said that “I assume Russia was behind this hack“ yet following a moment he change his mind he said, "we get also hack by other country and other people"

Elected President Donald J Trump In his First Conference After July   
'If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset not a liability,' Trump said.

He said any such data was not genuine. It's all fake news. It's phony stuff. It didn't occur. Putin ought not to do it. He won't do it. Russia will have much more noteworthy regard for our nation when I am driving it than when other individuals have driven it.
But Trump doesn't talk on this topic that  'Russia help Trump to win president election in United State'.