Anonymous Statement: In Support of Public Opposition to the “Foreign Agents” Bill

Citizens of Georgia, we stand with you.

We recognize the grave threat posed by the proposed “Foreign Agents” bill, which undermines fundamental freedoms and the democratic aspirations of the Georgian people. This legislation, by requiring NGOs and media outlets with foreign funding to register as organizations “carrying the interests of a foreign power,” echoes repressive measures seen in other former Soviet states, including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. This is not just a setback for democracy in Georgia but a betrayal of its citizens’ dreams of joining the European Union.

Anonymous Statement: In Support of Public Opposition to the "Foreign Agents" Bill

Attempts by Georgian Dream to frame this bill as a means to bring transparency and combat foreign interference ring hollow. This law serves only to strengthen the hold of the ruling party, suppress dissent, and stifle the free press. Moreover, the claim that it mirrors American or European laws is misleading, as those laws operate under vastly different frameworks with robust checks and balances.

The protests in Tbilisi underscore the people’s rejection of this undemocratic trajectory. The government’s reaction, including deploying riot police against protesters, reveals its unwillingness to heed its citizens’ calls. The Georgian people deserve a government that respects their democratic rights, upholds the independence of NGOs and media, and protects freedom of expression.

We condemn the actions of Georgian Dream in pushing this bill and encourage all to continue their peaceful protests. We stand in solidarity with those fighting for a Georgia that is free, democratic, and oriented toward a European future. The people have spoken: “No to the Russian law!”

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