Anonymous Warning to Chinese Communist Government

Anonymous, the international hacking group has issued a warning to the Chinese government against invading Taiwan. In a statement released online, Anonymous said that any attempt to invade Taiwan would be met with “resistance from us and numerous other communities”. The group went on to say that “the people of Taiwan have a right to self-determination and freedom” and that China should “respect the wishes of the Taiwanese people”. Anonymous has a history of taking action against the Chinese government, including last year when they targeted Chinese government websites in protest of internet censorship. It is not clear what specific actions the group might take if China does invade Taiwan, but their warning is sure to add to the already tense situation.

Chinese Dragon

The Anonymous Group is a well-known international organization that has been active in many countries around the world. In recent years, they have turned their sights towards China and have been working to raise awareness of the Chinese government’s human rights abuses. Anonymous has hacked Chinese government websites, released sensitive information about Chinese officials, and even staged protests outside of the Chinese embassy. While their methods may be controversial, Anonymous is shedding light on the dark side of the Chinese government and giving a voice to the people who suffer under its rule.

The Chinese government heavily censors the internet, making it difficult for citizens to access information that is critical of the government or that comes from outside of the country. Anonymous believes that everyone has a right to free speech and information, and they are fighting to break down the barriers that the Chinese government has put in place. In addition to hacking websites, Anonymous also conducts public awareness campaigns and provides support to people who are living in censored countries.

Anonymous has also been involved in the conflict between the Chinese government and the people of Hong Kong, lending its support to pro-democracy protesters. While Anonymous remains a largely decentralized organization, its actions against China suggest that it is united in its opposition to the country’s authoritarian regime.


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  1. I oppose the Chinese government
    anonymous group please help the people there. fighting strong group

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