Did hacker group Anonymous steal secret IDF documents?

In a recent cyber offensive, Pro-Palestinian hacker groups, associated with Anonymous, have claimed to have hacked into key Israeli institutions, including the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Justice Ministry. This new development underscores the ongoing cyber conflict between pro-Palestinian hackers and Israel.

Did hacker group Anonymous steal secret IDF documents?


Hacking the IDF

The hacker organization Anonymous released a statement claiming to have breached the IDF and obtained 20 gigabytes of data, which includes over 233,000 documents. The group claims the data comprises a variety of file types, such as PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations. The hackers shared a video displaying portions of PowerPoint presentations involving IDF personnel, with slides featuring logos of General Staff departments​.

However, IDF security assessments suggest that the possibility of an actual breach is slim, labeling the hackers’ claims as possible “psychological warfare.” The IDF’s computer system is well-secured, and any actual breach would likely have targeted civilian computers, potentially violating regulations. The authenticity of the documents remains uncertain, adding to the skepticism around the hackers’ claims.

Hacking the Justice Ministry

Earlier in the month, an anonymous source claimed to have hacked the Justice Ministry, securing 300 gigabytes of data, including personal information of individuals. The hackers, operating under the Anonymous banner, reiterated their intent to “destroy the Zionists.” The Ministry acknowledged the attack, highlighting the potential vulnerability of civilian systems and emphasizing the need for heightened cybersecurity​.

Broader Cyber Conflict

The claims by Anonymous align with a series of cyber attacks by various pro-Palestinian hacker groups targeting Israeli institutions. These groups, which include the Muslim Cyber Army and the Palestinian Electronic Tigers Unit, have been involved in similar attacks. The 1915 Team, another hacker group, also claimed to have sensitive data of an Israeli military spokesperson and planned to launch ransomware attacks against Israel​.

These attacks have heightened concerns among Israeli authorities and cybersecurity experts. The national cyber array has warned of potential website breaches, digital system infiltrations, leaks of classified documents, exposure of personal data, and deployment of tracking software​​.

Public Awareness

The Israeli public has been advised to exercise caution, avoid clicking on suspicious links, and report any indications of cyber attacks. The ongoing cyber warfare highlights the evolving nature of conflicts, where traditional battlefields have expanded into the digital realm​

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