Does Putin Going to Strike Ukraine With Nuclear Weapons?

The war between Russia and the Ukraine has been raging for almost a year now. Russia has been incursion into Ukraine, and the Ukriane government has responded by sending its own troops to defend itself. But even though both sides have already lost over 10,000 people, it looks like things are getting worse for the Ukriane side of course because of their economic situation. That’s why some people are starting to think about what would happen if Russia attacked Ukriane with nuclear weapons? What do you think? Would it be a good idea for Putin to strike Ukriane with nuclear weapons? In the recent video Russia’s Putin signs decree on partial mobilisation for citizens. This is concerning issue. He also mentioned nuclear weapon is not bluff.


The question whether Russia will attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons is very much on the agenda in this country. The Ukrainian government has repeatedly stated that it is actively preparing for such an eventuality, but there is little doubt that it would be a grave mistake for Moscow to make such a move.

In recent months, Ukraine has recieved miltary equipment from USA, UK & various other countries  including drones, stinger missile amd more. Ukraine’s military spending has almost doubled since 2008, when Moscow cut off funding for its armed forces during a period of political instability following the Orange Revolution protests against President Viktor Yushchenko’s election victory over Viktor Yanukovych.

Ukraine’s defense budget in 2017 was $3 billion (about $21 billion), which accounts for 2 percent of GDP and 6 percent of total government spending. In comparison, Russia spent $66 billion on its military last year alone – more than any other country except China – despite having only one-third as many people as Ukraine does. In the coming days, Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to announce a new nuclear doctrine that will allow Moscow to strike back at any nation that attacks it with nuclear weapons. Russian officials have been making similar threats for years, but now they’re actually willing to follow through on them.

At this point, it’s unclear what exactly Putin plans to do, but experts are speculating that he’ll use his newly-announced doctrine as an excuse to invade Ukraine or other neighboring countries like Georgia and Moldova.

The question of whether Russia has its own nuclear weapons is becoming more relevant today. According to some experts, Russia may have up to 60 tactical nuclear weapons in its arsenal. The Russian military refused to answer questions about their number and type of nuclear warheads. It is worth noting that during his latest trip abroad, President Putin announced plans for developing new intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying multiple warheads, which could be used with conventional or non-conventional warheads (including nuclear ones).

In the past few years, Russia has been developing its nuclear arsenal. In fact, the country’s military has been working on it for decades and as a result, has come up with some new and interesting designs. One such design is an underwater drone that can launch a small nuclear weapon from under water. The United States is also developing similar weapons and they have even claimed that they will be able to do this within five years. However, there are several reasons why Russia might want to develop these types of weapons. First, it would give them an edge over their competitors in terms of nuclear power and second, it could help them defend themselves against any attack from other countries.

Conclusion: We have heard many times that Russia is going to strike Ukraine with nuclear attack. But I don’t think this will happen. Why? Because, Russia can’t afford it. Even if they wanted to do so, they would have to spend a lot of money on making their own nuclear weapons. They don’t have the money for this and most importantly, they would be risking their own lives as well as those of their soldiers by doing so. Also, there are countries like China who might want to take advantage of the situation and attack us by themselves. So we need to be careful about this matter because there are some people who might want to take advantage of our weakness against them.

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