Is Anonymous still Operating?

Anonymous is a loosely organized international group of activists and hacktivists. The group became known for a series of high-profile attacks and DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) actions against governments, government institutions, and government agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology.


The origins of Anonymous can be traced back to the imageboard 4chan, where the concept of the “anonymous” online identity first gained traction. In 2003, the site’s users began using the term “anonymous” to refer to themselves, and by 2004, the concept of Anonymous as a group had taken shape.

In the early days of Anonymous, the group focused primarily on “lulz,” or causing mischief and disruption for the sake of it. However, as the group grew and evolved, its focus shifted to political activism and social justice. In 2008, Anonymous launched a series of attacks against the Church of Scientology, in what has become known as “Project Chanology.” This marked the beginning of Anonymous’ more serious, political activism.

In the years that followed, Anonymous continued to carry out high-profile attacks and DDoS actions against a wide range of targets, including governments, corporations, and other organizations. Some of the group’s most notable actions include:

  • Operation Payback: In 2010, Anonymous launched a series of DDoS attacks against companies and organizations that had cut ties with WikiLeaks, following the release of classified US government documents by the whistleblower organization.

  • Operation Avenge Assange: In 2010, Anonymous launched a series of DDoS attacks against the website of the Swiss bank that had frozen Julian Assange’s assets, as well as against the websites of the credit card companies that had stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks.

  • Operation Tunisia: In 2011, Anonymous supported the Tunisian Revolution by launching DDoS attacks against the websites of the Tunisian government, as well as against the websites of companies that were seen as supporting the government.

  • Operation Syria: In 2012, Anonymous launched a series of DDoS attacks against the websites of the Syrian government, in support of the Syrian Revolution.

  • Operation Hong Kong: In 2014, Anonymous launched a series of DDoS attacks against the websites of the Hong Kong government, in support of the Hong Kong Democracy Protests.

Despite these high-profile actions, it’s important to note that Anonymous is not a centralized organization with a clear hierarchy or leadership structure. Anyone can claim to be part of Anonymous, and there’s no way to verify these claims. As a result, it’s difficult to say with certainty who is responsible for any given Anonymous action.

It’s also worth noting that Anonymous is not a monolithic entity, and different individuals and subgroups within the movement may have different goals and ideologies. Some members of Anonymous may focus on political activism, while others may be more interested in “lulz” and causing mischief.

In recent years, Anonymous has been less active than it was in the past, and there have been some indications that the group may be on the decline. However, it’s important to note that Anonymous is a decentralized and loosely organized movement, and it’s difficult to say with certainty whether or not the group is still operating.

It’s clear that some members of Anonymous are still active and continue to carry out high-profile attacks and DDoS actions. However, it’s also clear that the group is not as active as it once was, and that there may be a decline in the number of individuals and subgroups who identify as Anonymous.

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  1. To whom it may concern, I am asking that anonymous hack or investigate the Jamaican government, SSL company, Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the theft of world track star Usain Bolts 12 million USD.

  2. Yes Anonymous is #op Mode still out there Group of Groups is involved in many Activists campaigns . Especially Julian Assange Campaign free Julian Assange and others . Big Brother in Britain has been using Surveillance on people this article in Euro news will give little more information Hopefully more information can be got so we are all aware what happened around world comes to surveillance. Some #ops still under way Iran ,Also big Demonstrations planned for Different countries Remmember war In 🇮🇶Iraq 2003 to end war in Ukraine other parts of world part anti war Movement this should happen in February big one planned for Washington city in other parts off world in February . Look for information there could be one near you help organise one anti war movement climate activists would delight if many people can help out . The other Police Bruality in Memphis Tennise many Activists that are part of Anonymous got involved Peaceful protests over the Killings of man on way home young father so viciously murder by Police . Other thing being discussed at moment is 🎯 Targets Far Right in Israel , USA , Canada , Germany , UK , Sweden , Poland , Brazil 🇧🇷 , Australia , Russia , Serbia , Hungary , Bulgaria , Also supported people of Palestine 🇵🇸 . The countries with bad Human Right Records Egypt , Saudi Arabia , India , Afghanistan 🇦🇫 , Kuwait, Rwanda 🇷🇼 , There are so many Human rights activists in Prison over facing Death. Some could be part of Anonymous yes many in Anonymous have died in Prison or been Killed . What ever way we can help in what can make help Brothers and Sisters all over the World . Also to take on evil cults all over world Remember 2003 new Name Anonymous now 2023 . Let’s make year to Remember history Anonymous makes 2011 Tunisia 🇹🇳 Egypt 🇪🇬 and. Others Also keep close lookout on 🇵🇪Peru what’s happening there .

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