List of Most Popular Hacking Groups

There are various groups of hackers out there that break into sensitive systems and databases. Not only do they steal data but they also execute harmful attacks on the target system. Some have been doing this for a long time, some even longer than Google. Here we’ll discuss several hacker groups in detail including the date when their activities started, the number of members each group has today and how much money they’ve made.

The name “hacker” derives from the early 1970s hacker subculture of science fiction fans and hobbyists who built their own computers and software. The term comes from the British slang for “lousy housekeeper”. Although hackers have been called computer “nerds” since at least 1964, this usage was not common until the early 1980s.

Hacking groups are groups of people who hack into computers. The most famous hacking group is Anonymous, a group of hackers that has worked together to steal credit card information from the websites of companies such as Amazon and PayPal. This is not a complete list of hacker groups. It is just a list. 

1) Anonymous Group

2) The 0x3A Group

3) The AIM Hackers

4) AntiSec (a hacking group started by a former member of Lulzsec)

5) BlackHole (a hacking group based in Italy that specializes in SQL injection attacks and denial-of-service attacks on websites)

6) Black Lotus (a hacking group that targets government agencies, corporations, and individuals with phishing scams and malware designed to steal personal data from infected computers)

7) BloodHound (an Italian-based group that targets various companies through social engineering schemes involving phishing emails, fake job offers, or other online scams.)

Not all hacker groups follow the same rules or ideologies, but they all have one thing in common: They want to break into computers and get access to sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers and other data.

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