What Are the Achievements of Anonymous Hackers Group?

The Anonymous hackers are like a group of people who have the same interest, they have a special name to refer themselves and they work together as one. They share their information with each other and help each other in solving their problems. The Anonymous hackers have achieved lot of things. Some of them are: They hacked some companies websites to protest against internet censorship. They hacked some government sites like CIA, FBI and NASA to protest against government censorship on internet. They also supported freedom of speech by protesting against the ban on Facebook in some countries. They hacked some government sites to protest against government ban on facebook and twitter.

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They also supported freedom of speech by protesting against the arrest of Julian Assange by UK government for publishing classified documents related to US war in Iraq and Afghanistan (Wikileaks).

The Anonymous hacker group has been known for its online attacks and trolling. The group was founded in 2003 by a person using the name of KnightSec. The main goal of this group is to protect Internet freedom and prevent censorship. Anonymous’ main activity consists of hacking servers belonging to government agencies or corporations that work with oppressive regimes around the world. By doing this, the hacktivists try to show that they are not against freedom but rather against tyranny and corruption in any form.

Anonymity is a powerful tool. It allows you to be more open, honest and vulnerable than you would be if you were being followed around by a camera. Anonymity is an opportunity to experiment with yourself and others. Anonymous hackers are freedom fighters. They fight for our right to privacy and against the systems that try to control us. They fight for the right to express ourselves without fear of reprisal or reprisal from those in power.

Anonymous is a collective of hackers who use their skills to protect freedom of speech, privacy, and justice. These people have been doing this work since the early 1990s when they first started using computer security as a way to protect themselves against police investigations into hacker groups at universities like MIT and Stanford University. In recent years, Anonymous has become more organized and has expanded its focus beyond hacking into government databases in order to support causes such as Internet freedom, free speech and transparency in government institutions like police departments around the world.

Well, Anonymous was an activist group that rose to prominence in protest of the Church of Scientology. They were known for hacking into government websites and defacing them with anti-Scientology messages. They also participated in the OpLastResort campaign, which targeted PayPal, Visa and MasterCard for their refusal to process donations to WikiLeaks. They have also been involved in many other activities over the years, including:

OpIsrael – An attack on Israel’s communications infrastructure that took place on December 31, 2010. The group claimed responsibility for attacking more than 100 Israeli websites, including those belonging to the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), Prime Minister’s Office and Bank of Israel.

Poodlecorp – This operation was launched against Poodlecorp, a company that operated as a front for pedophiles and exposed them by making them post their pictures on Facebook as well as giving out their addresses through 3D-printed ID cards.

The most famous hacktivist group Anonymous is not really a hacker group. The word “hacker” in the name of the group is just a name, it doesn’t mean that they are hackers. The Anonymous hackers have achieved a lot of things in their life. These hacks are mostly done on the people who are against their freedom and against freedom of speech. They have hacked many police websites, government websites, FBI websites, PayPal accounts and some other sites related to these organizations. They do this because they want to make people aware about what is going on around them and also want to show that there are people who want change in this world.

The group, which claims no leadership or formal membership, has been credited with several large-scale denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, including a series of attacks on PayPal in 2010. Despite its lack of leadership and public face, Anonymous has arguably become one of the most powerful hacker groups in the world. Anonymous hacks government websites. A common claim made by Anonymous hackers is that they are fighting for free speech and privacy rights. However those claims are often used as an excuse to attack other websites and services which they find offensive or objectionable.

In particular, Anonymous has targeted government websites with DDoS attacks to protest against the policies of governments around the world. In April 2011, hackers broke into the website of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and defaced it with anti-Australian government messages.[1] The same group also attacked sites belonging to the Israeli Foreign Ministry and announced plans to do so again. The hacking group Anonymous has been active since early 2011, when it targeted governments and companies in response to WikiLeaks’ publication of classified documents. After those initial attacks, it turned its attention to churches and other religious organizations. It also targeted several high-profile political figures, including former President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In September 2018, the group announced that it had hacked into a number of websites belonging to Saudi Arabian media company Al-Jazeera. The group said it wanted to use the site’s content to “incite sectarian strife” between Shiites and Sunnis in the Middle East. It has released documents that have revealed the inner workings of government agencies and companies, including those which operate in the defense industry, security services and telecommunications. The group says it wants to expose corruption and bring down governments that it believes are illegitimate.

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  1. The meaning of anonymous hackers is to keep the identity a secret of one another to hack the bad people who crossed the line of anonymous now us angelic knight nation or for short a.k.n is joining anonymous to stop the fight and the woman abuse to bring peace and love back to what it supposed to be

  2. I have someone saying they are anonymous hacker. He’s wanting money to help me fight against the corruption in CPS, courts, judges and lawyers to help my grandbabies that are being abused and get my daughter help and be held accountable for her actions. Does this group ask for money

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