What hacks have Anonymous done?

Anonymous has been involved in a wide range of cyber activities and operations that reflect their evolving role and impact on global events. Here’s a timeline that encompasses the group’s key operations, demonstrating their involvement from the early days to more recent actions:

What hacks have Anonymous done?

2003-2006: Formation and Early Activities

  • 2003: The concept of Anonymous emerged from the imageboard 4chan, where users started using the tag “Anonymous” when posting.
  • 2006-2007: Early coordinated attacks on websites were mostly for the “lulz” (laughs), targeting sites like Habbo Hotel as part of pranks.

2008-2010: Political Activism Begins

  • 2008: Project Chanology marks Anonymous’s shift towards political activism, targeting the Church of Scientology in response to its attempts to censor a video of Tom Cruise discussing Scientology.
  • 2010: Operation Payback targeted anti-piracy groups and companies, defending free information exchange and signaling a more organized approach to activism.

2011: Year of High-Profile Attacks

  • 2011: A series of operations including:
    • Operation Tunisia: Support for the Arab Spring by attacking Tunisian government websites.
    • Operation Egypt: Similar to Tunisia, targeting government sites to fight against Internet censorship.
    • Operation Sony: Launched in retaliation against Sony for legal actions against PlayStation 3 hackers.
    • Operation Darknet: Targeted child pornography sites on the dark web, taking down several and releasing user identities.
    • Attack on HBGary Federal: After the company tried to expose Anonymous members, their servers were hacked, and numerous documents were leaked.

2012-2014: Continued Activism and Diversification

  • 2012: Involvement in Occupy movement and operations like OpIndia against Internet censorship.
  • 2013: Operation Safe Winter was launched, focusing on humanitarian efforts to assist the homeless.
  • 2014: OpWorldCup focused on social issues in Brazil surrounding the World Cup.

2015-2017: Focus on Surveillance and Terrorism

  • 2015: OpCharlieHebdo, in response to the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, targeting jihadist websites.
  • 2016: Declared “total war” on ISIS, taking down thousands of Twitter accounts linked to the group.
  • 2017: Attacks on sites associated with the Alt-Right following heightened racial tensions in the U.S.

2018-2020: Political and Social Justice Movements

  • 2018: OpCatalonia, supporting Catalan independence from Spain.
  • 2019: Engaged in operations supporting global protests, from Hong Kong to Chile.
  • 2020: Re-emerged strongly during the U.S. protests following George Floyd’s death, targeting police websites and leaking sensitive data.

2021-Present: Renewed Global Activism

  • 2021: Involvement in Myanmar, supporting protesters against the military coup by attacking government websites.
  • 2022: Announced cyber operations against Russian interests following the invasion of Ukraine, including attacks on state-run media and government websites.
  • 2023: Continued focus on global human rights issues, governmental transparency, and supporting movements against oppression.

The activities of Anonymous are characterized by a commitment to what they perceive as justice, whether that involves protecting free speech, fighting against government surveillance, or supporting social justice movements. Their operations have sparked significant discussions about the nature of activism, the ethics of hacking, and the balance between freedom and security in the digital age.

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