What Is the Group Known as Anonymous?

Anonymous is a group of people that has been known to fight for justice and freedom of speech. They have taken down many powerful entities in the past, including governments and large corporations. Anonymous members are politically motivated and use their skillsets to fight for what they believe in, which is often related to internet privacy and freedom of speech.


There are two main types of Anonymous – the original Anonymous (which was founded on 4chan) and the newer version known as “Anonymous International”.

Anonymous is a group of people who have a common goal of fighting for social justice. The members of this group are also masked in public to hide their identities and protect themselves from persecution. The origins of Anonymous can be traced back to 2003 when 4chan was founded. The first 4chan thread was called “anonymous” and the first post was “I am an individual.” From then on, the group has been involved in many online communities like Reddit and Twitter, as well as real-world protests like Occupy Wall Street.

Anonymous has been around for over a decade now and is still going strong today with members all over the world. The group known as Anonymous is an international network of activist and hacktivist groups that opposes censorship, surveillance, and the violation of privacy. They are often associated with the use of the Internet to coordinate protests and publicize information. Anonymous has used various methods to achieve their goals, including online protests, cyberattacks on government agencies, and distributed denial-of-service attacks on websites. The group also uses various media to spread their message and encourage people to take action against oppressive systems they perceive as unjust. Anonymous are united by the common goal of achieving some sort of change. They go by different names, but they all share the same ideology.

Anonmous group has been involved in many public protests and has been credited with organizing protests against the Church of Scientology, PayPal, Sony Entertainment Network, Fox Broadcasting Company, Visa Inc., and the Recording Industry Association of America. Anonymous is a group of hackers and activists that operates without any formal leadership or structure. They are known for their use of the Guy Fawkes mask in protest. The group has been known to use many methods of communication including online forums, e-mail lists, chatrooms and more recently social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Anonymous is one of the most famous groups in the world but it remains a mystery to most people because they don’t reveal their identities for fear of retaliation from powerful entities like governments or corporations.

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4 thoughts on “What Is the Group Known as Anonymous?

  1. Hi I am Hasan, who follows you and your actions with great admiration, who often appreciates them in the news and I reside in Turkey. In Turkey, there is a community called ANONYMOUSS in the Clubhouse application, which is generally known as the trolls of the ruling party AKP operating in Turkey. They open rooms on your behalf at on clubhouse and do a number of actions by interfering with people’s private lives and at the same time without respecting people’s cyber security. They damaged my reputation by calling my family and making slanderous, false and immoral speeches on my behalf. I think that the anonymous on clubhouse has also tarnished its name and that its reputation is in the hands of these poor IQ devotees. When I asked them what they would say if anonymus knew about your situation, they made ridiculous sentences like we are ANONYMOUS anyway. Since I say that I will send an e-mail to Anonymous, those e-mails are coming to us anyway, fun of me through your community named ANONYMOUS.
    I’m writing this to you because I can’t do anything. I’m sorry if I caused you any inconvenience. Good work

    1. Everyone what’s to use the name Anonymous 4 Chan where and others where first once’s they set up different groups around the world some Hackivests before them also used name Anonymous as well . More Anonymous works with other Hackivests groups that use the name Ghosts secs or Lulsec Whitegrayhats thin lizards groups so many Hackivests groups that in alliance they are army Activists have been using name Anonymity other names but most where grassroots activists they had different names groups as well 1999 like reclam the streets all different names . Now a lot mixture of activities some Hackivests groups using name Anonymous as well .

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