What Will Happen After Crimea Bridge Destruction

In the recent video, we have seen footage where you can see that the Crimea bridge has exploded by a bomber truck. Russian claim that it will fix this within a day. There was two bridge one was for rail and another for the road. That bridge was mainly designed for Connecting the Russian region to Crimea. A few years back Putin inaugurated this bridge by running a truck on it in 2018. Security camera footage shows a huge blast.


So the main question is, who destroyed this bridge? The answer is simple Ukraine. Zelensky’s officials has claim we have already been planning to destroy this bridge.

So what will happen after this? Will Russia take action against Ukraine? That bridge has cost billions of dollars. It must be clear Russia would take revenge for it. Russian leaders are very angry with what happened. They consider it a terrorist act. Zelensky’s mindset is clear that he wants to mrge the Crimea region to Ukraine again which was previously captured by Russia. There is also a tweet by Ukraine officials for attack confirmation. If that thing will not stop this destruction will lead both countries to nuclear war. After a few hours Russians also claimed that they have fixed the bridge. You can see this in the video.

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