Apple’s Expanding Empire: How Many Companies Does Apple Own?

Apple Inc., the tech giant known for its iconic products and innovative technology, has grown into one of the world’s most valuable companies. As a global leader in consumer electronics, software, and services, Apple’s influence extends far beyond its core product lineup.


Over the years, Apple has strategically acquired various companies to complement its offerings and expand its capabilities. In this news post, we will delve into Apple’s acquisition history and explore how many companies the tech giant currently owns.

Apple’s Acquisition Strategy

Apple’s acquisition strategy is focused on acquiring companies that align with its long-term goals and enhance its existing product and service offerings. The company typically targets startups and established firms with technologies, talent, and intellectual property that can bolster Apple’s position in the market.

Acquisitions serve as a means for Apple to diversify its portfolio, integrate new features and functionalities into its products, and expand its ecosystem. While some acquisitions are high-profile and widely reported, others are relatively small and fly under the radar.

Key Acquisitions by Apple

Over the years, Apple has made several strategic acquisitions across a range of industries. Some of the notable acquisitions include:

  1. NeXT Inc. (1997): One of Apple’s most significant acquisitions was NeXT Inc., a computer company founded by Steve Jobs after he left Apple in the 1980s. The acquisition brought Steve Jobs back to Apple and laid the foundation for the development of macOS and iOS.

  2. Fingerworks (2005): Fingerworks, a company specializing in multi-touch technology, was acquired by Apple in 2005. This acquisition played a crucial role in the development of the iPhone and iPad, revolutionizing the way users interact with touch-screen devices.

  3. Beats Electronics (2014): In a high-profile acquisition, Apple acquired Beats Electronics, a company co-founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. The acquisition not only brought the popular Beats headphones and audio products into the Apple ecosystem but also laid the groundwork for Apple Music.

  4. PrimeSense (2013): Apple acquired PrimeSense, an Israeli company known for its 3D sensing technology. This acquisition contributed to the development of Face ID, the facial recognition feature used in newer iPhones and iPads.

  5. Shazam (2018): Shazam, the music recognition app, was acquired by Apple in 2018. The integration of Shazam’s technology into Apple’s ecosystem enables users to quickly identify songs and access them through Apple Music.

The Number of Companies Apple Owns

As of the date of this news post, Apple has made numerous acquisitions across a wide spectrum of industries. However, the exact number of companies currently owned by Apple is not publicly disclosed. Some of the acquisitions are integrated into Apple’s existing products and services, while others may operate independently under Apple’s ownership.

It is worth noting that while Apple’s acquisition strategy is robust, the company is known for its secretive approach to acquisitions and rarely publicizes all its purchases. Some smaller acquisitions may not garner significant attention, but they can still play essential roles in Apple’s ongoing development and innovation.


Apple’s acquisition strategy reflects its commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and delivering compelling experiences to its customers. The tech giant has strategically acquired companies to enhance its product lineup, bolster its software capabilities, and expand its ecosystem.

While the exact number of companies owned by Apple is not officially disclosed, the company’s acquisition history showcases its appetite for innovation and its dedication to maintaining its position as a global leader in the tech industry.

As Apple continues to shape the future of consumer electronics and services, its acquisition strategy will remain a critical element of its growth and evolution, enabling the company to navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology and deliver products that resonate with users worldwide.

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