Facebook, Instagram down globally, users complain of being logged out

Facebook and Instagram, two of the most widely used social media platforms globally, have encountered a significant outage, disrupting the usual access and functionality for countless users. Individuals attempting to use both the web and app versions of these platforms were met with error messages instead of the expected content, rendering them unable to update or refresh their feeds as they normally would.

Facebook and Instagram Down

The scale of the outage was highlighted by Downdetector, a website that tracks online service interruptions, which reported an unusually high number of outage reports for both Facebook and Instagram. These reports came from users spread across multiple countries, indicating the vast reach and impact of the disruption.

Meta, the conglomerate parent company overseeing both Facebook and Instagram, has officially acknowledged the outage. Through statements and updates, Meta conveyed that it is fully aware of the difficulties users are facing and is actively working to rectify the situation. Specifically, the company’s own status page provided insight into the extent of the issue, noting significant disruptions across its various products and services. It highlighted a particular issue with Facebook Login, suggesting a broader impact on services reliant on Facebook credentials for user authentication.

To further communicate Meta’s response to the situation, Andy Stone, the company’s communications officer, posted a message confirming that the company is cognizant of the troubles users are experiencing in accessing its services. He reassured the public that Meta’s engineering teams are diligently working to resolve the issue as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

This outage represents a notable interruption in service for Meta, affecting the daily routines of millions of users who rely on Facebook and Instagram for personal and professional communication. The company’s efforts to address and resolve the issue are underway, with a focus on restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible.

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