What Great Things Have Hackers Done?

Have you ever wondered what great things hackers have done? I know I have. A few examples of hacks that have changed the world are: getting Pizza Hut to deliver pizza (after its competitor Domino’s had a better idea) creating the first web browser at CERN. These are just a few examples of how truly important hacking is. Hackers are often viewed as the bad guys. They break into systems, steal information and cause chaos. But this is not always the case. In fact, hackers can be some of the most helpful people on the planet.


Hacker groups that helped to fight against corruption in Indonesia (See also: How Hackers Used The Internet To Fight Corruption) Hackers have done some amazing things. Some of them are so remarkable that it’s hard to believe they were real, like the fact that a hacker was able to get into a government database and change the password for the president (not true). Other times, it seems like hackers only do something bad: they hack banks. The reality is that hackers can do just about anything they want, but most of their efforts are focused on making stuff cheaper or easier.

Hackers aren’t always criminals or criminals’ friends either. Sometimes they’re just trying to make life better for themselves and their friends. For example, if you’re a programmer who loves programming but hates debugging code, there’s no better way to improve your skills than by hacking other people’s code and finding bugs in it. One of the most important things we can do to make the world a better place is to use our ability to hack and find ways to make life easier for others. We can do this by hacking into software and hardware, by hacking into people’s minds and personalities, and by hacking into our own brains. Hacking is a great way to make things better because it forces us to think outside of the box. It allows us to see things differently, which can lead us to new discoveries or inventions that solve problems that have plagued humankind for centuries.

You may think you know all about the Internet and how it works. You know that it was created by a bunch of people who were trying to make life easier for everyone. But as you get older and more educated, you realize that there is so much more to it than just that. Take computers, for example. If you’ve ever used one, then you probably already know that computers are amazing tools that have changed our lives forever. Computers allow us to communicate quickly with others across the world and share information like never before. They also help us make things like movies, games and music in ways never before possible.

But they weren’t always this way. When they first came out, they were huge bulky machines that were hard to use and expensive to purchase. But now we don’t even think twice about them as they are just part of everyday life. Maybe it was because of all the hackers who helped make these things happen? The best thing that hackers do is provide an alternative to the status quo. They are always pushing the envelope and pushing boundaries, and this is a good thing. If you think about it, all software development is hacking in one way or another. For instance, when we develop a piece of software for a client, we often have to hack away at the edges to make it fit their needs. We may end up having to hack away at other clients’ code as well, because they did not follow our direction correctly.

Hackers don’t just hack at their own code they also create new code for others to use. They create programs that help people get things done faster or easier than they could otherwise. For example, Google’s Chrome browser was developed by hackers who wanted an alternative browser similar to Internet Explorer’s Microsoft Browser. Google’s Chrome browser has become one of the most popular browsers on Earth thanks in large part to its success at hacking Microsoft’s browser in order to give people a better experience online!

Hackers have been responsible for some of the most important inventions, discoveries and innovations in all of human history. They have also been responsible for some of the most destructive acts. Hackers are experts at finding weaknesses in software and hardware systems. They can do this by simply looking for them or by reverse engineering a product to find out how it works. If hackers can find a weakness, they can exploit it to get access to sensitive files or steal sensitive information.

These days, hackers are often called “crackers” because they break into computer networks and steal passwords, credit cards and other personal information. Hackers also may use computer viruses or other malware to do things like flood a system with traffic or send spam messages out over the internet. The first computer virus was named “Brain”, which attacked computers running the Apple II operating system in 1980. The virus infected programs running on an infected computer by altering their code so that they would behave incorrectly when run by another program on the same machine. The altered program could then be passed back to another user who ran it on their own system, resulting in its execution being halted prematurely (and perhaps damaging other programs as well).

There is a lot of talk about hacking, but not much action. Why is that? What can we do to make hacking a more common occurrence in our daily lives? Hacking is the art of taking something and making it better, safer or faster than it was before. It’s also the act of finding vulnerabilities in software by looking for ways to exploit them. Hackers have been doing this since computers were first invented and they’re still doing it today. Hacking isn’t just about breaking into systems and stealing data; it’s also about creating new things that improve upon existing ones whether that means making a better mouse trap or developing a new type of encryption algorithm (or both!). 

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