Why We Must Democratize Cybersecurity?

As cybersecurity breaches increasingly capture headlines, the urgency for robust security measures extends beyond large corporations to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and the general public. This heightened visibility has underscored the necessity for SMBs to enhance their security posture. However, these businesses often encounter a significant barrier: the scarcity of affordable and user-friendly security tools in the market.

Why We Must Democratize Cybersecurity?

Addressing the specific needs of SMBs requires a dual approach: the development of comprehensive threat intelligence to identify and understand potential threats, and the provision of effective protective tools. NTT Security Holdings (NTTSH) brings over two decades of experience in threat intelligence research and the creation of products that leverage this intelligence for customer protection. Historically focused on serving large enterprises, NTTSH is now broadening its mission to democratize cybersecurity, making essential protection accessible to smaller businesses.

Central to NTTSH’s efforts is the Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC), which transcends traditional research roles by integrating threat research with proprietary detection technologies to produce actionable threat intelligence. GTIC aims to protect clients through advanced threat research and security intelligence, enabling NTTSH to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. Leveraging proprietary intelligence capabilities and NTT’s significant internet backbone, GTIC has unparalleled insight into global cyber threats, which is further enriched through collaborations with key industry partners.

The annual Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) by NTTSH offers insights into the evolving security landscape, providing organizations of all sizes with actionable intelligence to navigate these challenges. The 2023 GTIR highlights the specific threats faced by key industry sectors, with a particular emphasis on healthcare, telecommunications, and education sectors, which are increasingly targeted by ransomware attacks.

The surge in Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption presents its own security challenges. With Gartner predicting that 99% of cloud security breaches will result from customer errors by 2027, SMBs must adapt to the shared responsibility model in cloud services, managing their data, accounts, and identities vigilantly to prevent breaches.

The transition to hybrid IT environments further complicates security for SMBs, who previously relied on basic antivirus software and firewalls. The expanding attack surface and the complexity of managing security alerts necessitate a more integrated approach to security operations.

NTTSH responds to these challenges with Samurai XDR, a solution designed to streamline security operations for SMBs by consolidating alerting and threat intelligence analysis into a single, accessible platform. Samurai XDR democratizes advanced SecOps capabilities, making them affordable and manageable for SMBs without dedicated security resources.

Samurai XDR simplifies security management with an intuitive alerts dashboard, an investigations view for managing incident response, and a data lake for historical analysis and threat hunting. Its integrations enable telemetry ingestion from a variety of sources, supporting the hybrid IT landscapes typical of SMBs.

NTTSH prioritizes ease of use and affordability in Samurai XDR’s development, offering straightforward setup processes and a transparent pricing model. With a commitment to making advanced cybersecurity accessible, NTTSH offers a free 30-day trial of Samurai XDR, providing SMBs a risk-free opportunity to enhance their security operations.

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