Microsoft Rollout New Autopatch Feature

Microsoft has announced a new service called Windows Autopatch. This ‘rolling release’ feature, available on Windows Enterprise E3 and E5 license, allows Microsoft customers to automate the process of updating several different Microsoft products (such as Windows and Office), by deploying updates immediately upon their release. The rollout can be triggered automatically, making it easier to ensure that all of one’s devices have the latest security updates, fully patched and ready for use.

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Microsoft originally announced the implementation of a new feature back in March 2022 that aimed to help improve systems’ patch management processes. The move was an effort on Microsoft’s part to ensure that enterprises that failed to install available patches might be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Windows Autopatch is now available through Microsoft, who has been managing the service since last month. The service allows admins to get rid of much of their workload in terms of patching PCs by automating the process completely. Admins need to apply as many as 100 patches each month including zero-day updates, but sometimes updates break services like VPNs and virtual machines. Due to the redundancies present in this job, it’s perfect for Microsoft’s Enterprise/Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 customers as well as Windows users who just have a lot of Microsoft apps on its machine.

Automatic updates is a feature offered by Microsoft which unifies update management across your computers so that any software flaws can be resolved quicker than ever before. When using this software, Microsoft engineers continuously inspect and verify the functionality of updates. Engineers utilize automated testing to validate and measure quality for each new software package that’s delivered. Once a test ring has created zero bugs in their line of analysis, they then create deployment rings to start delivering the latest download to each individual user’s computer system.

When new releases of the system are sent through, each program has its own Terms of Service which you must agree with in order to receive your update; every user must adhere to these rules as well as understand that if any issues are found within their computers’ programs or operating system, there will be no further fixes until they either roll back the update, or revert it completely.

Microsoft’s new Autopatch tool will allow you to update your Windows 365 cloud PCs. As well as updates for Microsoft Edge, the company’s latest browser as well as Microsoft Teams, a collaborative app designed to help teams communicate creatively and on-the-fly.

Microsoft have finally announced that their 365 apps for enterprise updates: All devices registered for Windows Autopatch will receive updates from the Monthly Enterprise Channel.

Microsoft Edge: It was announced today that starting with Edge version 66, users will be able to get early access to upcoming features on the Stable channel and be kept up-to-date with fixes designed either to bring new improvements or to fix serious issues in a timely manner by means of rollouts on the Channel.

Also, Windows Autopatch configures eligible devices to benefit from Microsoft Edge’s progressive rollouts and also offers support for issues related with the release cycle of this browser.

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