Anonymous Hackers Quotes

Anonymous is a decentralized collective of activists and hackers who have been known to use their technical skills to fight for freedom of speech, government transparency, and individual privacy. Over the years, the group has gained notoriety for their high-profile hacks and targeted attacks against powerful organizations and individuals. Here are some quotes from anonymous hackers that provide insight into their motivations and beliefs.

Anonymous Hackers

  1. “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” – This is perhaps the most famous quote associated with Anonymous. It is often used as a rallying cry by the group and is meant to convey their determination to take action against those they perceive as enemies of freedom and democracy.

  2. “Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.” – This quote highlights the importance that Anonymous places on the free flow of information. The group believes that governments and corporations often try to control information to maintain their power, and they see it as their mission to expose the truth and promote transparency.

  3. “We do not seek to destroy. We seek to create a better world.” – While Anonymous is often associated with disruptive and destructive activities, this quote shows that the group sees itself as working towards a greater good. They believe that their actions are necessary to combat corruption and injustice and create a more equitable and transparent society.

  4. “We are the voice of the voiceless, the eyes of the blind, the hands of the powerless.” – This quote highlights the role that Anonymous sees itself playing in society. They believe that they have a responsibility to use their technical skills and resources to support those who are marginalized and oppressed, and to give a voice to those who are silenced.

  5. “We are not your personal army.” – This quote is a reminder that Anonymous is a decentralized group with no central leadership. While the group may come together to take action on specific issues, each member acts independently and is not obligated to follow any particular agenda or mission.

In conclusion, these quotes from anonymous hackers provide insight into their motivations and beliefs. While the group is often portrayed as a shadowy and mysterious organization, these quotes show that their actions are guided by a strong sense of social justice and a desire to promote transparency and freedom of information. Whether one agrees with their methods or not, it is clear that Anonymous has had a significant impact on the world of digital activism and has sparked important conversations about the role of technology in shaping our society.

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Anonymous Hackers

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    1. That’s kinda rude. Can you say please? Just kidding. Didn’t you read there’s no leadership? There’s no centralized governing party. There’s no boss or leader. Learn it for yourself trust me it’s better that way☺️

  1. Everything very accurate could do more quotes mention . Where many there more . Meaning of it is there are more than 1 Hacker many Hackers all part Anonymous . Anonymiss have go the girls when have op online or have Rally or have Demonstrations so where op Jane . Quotes we are Wolfpack family sisters and brothers mess with one mess with all off them . So Anonymous/Anonymiss that children you are next Generation teach well future Rebellion. We are the 99% .

  2. I saw a quote credited to your group about the presidential election held in my country Nigeria on Saturday, 25th February 2023. It is about the rigging of the said election. The alleged post from your group was dated September 2022. I just wanted to verify it.

  3. Hey, I remember when these guys did the hack like 10, 20 years ago. Now they are pretty much a popular brand.

  4. I always wonder what kind of political ideology they believe in? I think they are libertian, I am too but I wonder…

  5. As a group member of anonymous for the voiceless, have you discovered the atrocities that occur in the factory animal farms? They break all animal protection laws while in the factory ‘farms’ proven all over the world with undercover video. They keep it secret because they are breaking the law. They enjoy torchering the animals and it’s a joke to them. They feel all powerful behind their cloak, they care only about profits and treat the animals like Chattel. They are not policed and they are glad about it. They take all liberties they desire due to the lack of outside inspection. It is atrocious and when people view the actual undercover videos they are astounded and many of them cry. Nobody knows about it, that’s why animal cruelty and torchured persist. They make their own rules behind closed doors. Please visit our site, we work to expose their attrocities. It’s been going on too long. They are all powerful as they hide behind their concrete walls called ‘farms’.

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