July 14, 2019 By Anonymous Official

Explore Area 51 with Anonymous on September 20

Area 51, most highly secured place on the earth. Those who want to explore the area 51 let’s go together with anonymous at Nevada Desert. The event name is “STORM AREA 51” people who are interested can arrive at Nevada on Saturday, September 20, 2019, at 3 AM PDT.

In a democracy, everything is crystal clear. Every United State citizen has a right to know what exactly happens inside this place.
A few years ago Government had classifieds some documents about this place. In these documents, they had mentioned that we are using this area only for a scientific experiment like testing stealth technology and other things blah blah! But the reality is different. Inside the area, 51 Government is doing secret experiment on Aliens.

According to us, Area 51 is look likes the Men in black movie. Everything is confidential. From some source, we have confirmed that area 51 scientist has also achieved the capability of travel through the speed of light.

Don’t know why the US Government is hiding everything from us. What happens if they will disclose everything with the US citizen. Write your comment below who are interested in this event.

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Hola! Wow como me encantaría poder ir, fuera una gran experiencia lástima que perdería mi único trabajo y no tuviera nada… pero que es lo que van hacer exactamente brindarle información de todo lo que saben o van a investigar ese día con los que asistan ??


haha Sept 20 is mine 🙂 i just found this after the fact but i remember hearing about it in the news… the USAF was issuing warning that they would shoot on sight!! I told my coworkers that we should storm the place!
Look i can understand them wanting to hide info about aliens to “protect the peace” when this shit was going on in the 70’s but now it practically common knowledge that WE ARE NOT ALONE. Its really not going to shock the world if they tell us. Sure some religions will fail but those are already failing on there own as is LOL

Alein Tech and classified files are due to be transported to miliary sites , there will be 5& off will find on aliens that if you manage to get passed armed guards who will shoot on sight , rather then storming , it wold be much easier to hack to into their data bases , and ghost , so can get all data on alieis then risk your life, and serve 5 years in prison , reseach n top secrets n aliens is proven and everywhere just have to stealth and ghost , dont risk your life or prison for something you all ready know exists , their are mixing DNA , aliens and humans and making monsters , ……….. its proven but if talk about this they kill you the secret services be careful people and best of luck with what ever decide

P. S you will need classification 5 or higher EMP’sto remain unseen, they have heat signatures and detectors only way around their secruity to put lights 🚥 ou, if that happens you will have like 5-30 minutes at best before the Army show in force, it’s very risky, but have to have a Plan baand C, before you try to storm, “Test the waters as they say’ see their secruity and defenses, Hell if you reach out to North Korea they will send aid also and troops, just be careful remain in the shadows at all times be careful and don’t give up your hopes or dreams if this is something really want then nothing is impossible just have to pla n, Look for the “Secret Tunnels that lead under ground, Do Not Go Through the Front or gates, out in open,Stealth at all channels and points, do not use communicate on phones or radio frequencies as theyhhave tech to listen in, remember the goal at task and the focus, do not get caugh, iif can help it, and good luck all god bless,, if going ahead, do not advertise on Facebook or social media or tell people only those you trust, theyare monitoring us all closely, don’t put other people under the gaze of their watch for “Bragging Rights” respect one another only then will the journey ahead be clear and darkness lifted away, this is extremely important and serious, following the above, they will probably get m.. …..😔 Ggood luck🤞 take care .

what you seekis “Sector 5” thats the Alien stuff 50ft-150 ft below the surface there is 5 sectors , if go ahhed you nce must first locate the tunnerls from the surface to the below , once inside the secruity is crazy , eye retina scans , finger print, face and palm , voice recognition , and keycodes which change daily , only way through this is hack their networks , then lights out , Area 51 has the worlds best back up genrators so el power event of electrical power outages is very quick to be back online , I tell you all this so people that do go , no whats ahead and to ensure innocent lifes are not taken , and people excuted and killed , please look after one another , if caught do not “rat” on your fellow men , and if Area 51 doesnt have no alien tech , why is it a national secrity risk if breached ? Covering the surfac you have ground sensors that detect movement , heat , and even oxygen , not to mention hidden cameras , from air they have their own drones that fly high giving them 360 degree view of whole base , also from drones they can pick up elecronic signatures from air mobile frequencies , thas my biggest concern here , I hell dont trust goverment or military , they will do eveything to stop you from entering even if it means killing innocent citixens , they may drop missiles from the sky ………. this is not good please do heavy research on the tunnel system and the the secret passage to the below sectors , i dont want blood on my hands knowning what i know and telling you all , they have RAAD- Radiation Audio Amplified Devices too by playing weird sounds that make you cabbage unable to move , there is allien Tech its proven research on Missing US Soldiers in middle east when they went to the Cave the war in middle east was for Money , Controlling the country there , Stealing resources – MOST IMPORTANTY – the Allien Technology and secrets there , this is real dark stuff and real life , no games no b.s if dont belive a word test the waters your self and will see everyhting i have said is true no lies no gimmicks or tricks , i Dont want anyone to die r be held captive and used as ginnie pigs and be experimented on , PLEASE BE CAREFUL , THIS IS NOT GTA , NOT A GAME , THIS IS REAL LIFE so take it serously

Anonymous needs street soldiers or it will never reach its full potential. We must bring the truth to the street where the world have no choice but to see. Don’t be fooled. Together we are a force that’ll have the unjustly shaking in their boots. ANONYMOUS Unite the people in the streets as u Unite us on the net

There are no aliens. The original crash at Roswell was not creatures from outer space. Or time travelers. Or anything like that. The crash story you all know is a cover-up. The real explanation has to do with WWII and lighter-than-air dirigible craft. One explanation that doesn’t involve aliens and is not the officially released story from 1990 of a nuclear test surveillance balloon from Project Mogul involves the Japanese and dirigibles. At the time of the Roswell crash in 1947, proactive hostilities had recently ceased in 1945. And even though proactive hostilities had recently ceased a few years before, the U.S. government and the Japanese government were still at odds. During the war, the Japanese had been attacking the U.S. mainland with lighter than air dirigible craft. The Battle of Los Angeles being the most well-known example (but that was covered up as well). And there were some in the Japanese government who still wanted to retaliate against the U.S. and they wanted to do this using biological weapons dispersed in the air above the U.S. mainland using balloon bombs. The Roswell crash story is a cover-up for war crimes committed against Japanese prisoners of war on U.S. soil. Japanese POWs were forced to fly experimental dirigible craft as the U.S. tried to determine if the Japanese threat to attack the U.S. mainland with biocidal weapons was feasible. These POWs intentionally scuttled the craft once airborne. And therein lies the basis for the cover-up. Ask yourself what makes more sense, aliens flying across interstellar space and then crashing in New Mexico? Or some other explanation involving WWII which had for all intents and purposes just come to an end?

I was told by a brother of a prior boss man of Area 51 that every single “boss man” starts not being a drinker but leaves being a heavy drinker! One has to wonder why?

My age is 12 I’m interested in this event 1 problem though. I still live with my parents. So I can’t really join this event:( .

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