How to Protect Android Smartphone from Hackers

Android, the most popular and used OS in the world. Every second Smartphone in the world runs on Android OS. So it’s Google responsibility to keep protect your data from hackers. Most of the Android Smartphones comes with monthly security updates. But few Smartphone makers don’t send security update regularly to devise. Because of this your smartphone can’t track harmful malware. 

Smartphone Hacking

In this article, we are going to share the most important point which you can follow to protect your data from cybercriminals. 

1. Use Antivirus Always: This is one of the best tools in any operating system that protects your smartphone from hackers. When you update your antivirus program regularly it will automatically protect your device from any issue. The best antivirus for your Smartphone is Kaspersky. Install it and forget the hacking threat. 

2. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi: This is the main threat in smartphone hacking. Most of the hackers are using public wifi for mobile hacking. So don’t ever connect your device with the public wifi. If you want then first you can check that wifi is secure likewise secure with wpa2. Also if you have some urgent work at that time and you don’t have other options, do one thing first connect your device with a VPN. It will make less risk to get be hacked. 

3. Use Always Trusted App’s & App Store: Install apps from the android play store. But now day’s hacking threat also comes from Google play store. The agent smith virus is one of the latest examples. This virus is coming from the third party store. But Google play store was also affected by this virus. Now Google has removed all of the applications from its store which was affected by this malware. It has almost affected 30 million smartphones in the world. Don’t ever try to install any untrusted application through direct apk or third party app store. This will cause you in a hacking problem. 

4. Don’t open links in a text message: For the promotion, most of the companies are sending links through message. Some of the links are in short form and some of comes with the full URLs. Short URLs are dangerous for your device. Because you don’t know what is exactly inside the URL. Hackers are now using these short URL’s to attack your Smartphone. We suggest you; don’t open these URLs in the message which comes with the short link. If you click on these un-trusted link’s you will get into the hacking trap. 

5. Don’t Use Flash Keypad App: To make keypad stylish people are using a flash keypad app in android mobile. But no one knows these flash keyboard apps are very harmful to their smartphone. They can track your keystrokes and easily can collect your personal card, password, browsing behaviors, etc. Anonymous group suggestion for you to use Gboard app for your keypad. This is the most trusted app by Google.

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