What Are Some Best Current Hacker Groups?

To start with, you need to know that there are many hacker groups out there. Some of them are famous, famous and famous. These groups are not just a bunch of people who want to learn how to hack but they also want to make money from it. In fact, these hacker groups have become very popular among the people who want to get into hacking for a long time. It is important to note that some hacker groups have been around for years and have become one of the best in their field. You can find some of these groups on the internet and they will help you with all your questions regarding hacking. 

There are many different kinds of hacker groups, but the most commonly known ones are those that focus on web hacking. These groups teach people how to hack into different websites and get information from them. It’s not just about getting into someone else’s website, though. Most of these hacker groups also want to help out other people in need or who want to learn more about hacking or web development. There are many hacker groups across the world that offer their services for free. These hackers are well-skilled in their respective field and can help you with your security breach issues. Some of them are listed below:

1. The 0day Group: is a group of ethical hackers who help organizations to identify vulnerabilities in their systems before they become a threat and cause harm to the organization. They also provide them with technical solutions to these vulnerabilities and make sure that they are fixed properly before they become a threat.

2. The Pentester Group: helps organizations by identifying vulnerabilities in their networks before they become a threat to their security and make use of them to get access into the networks of other organizations as well as steal data from them.

3. The Social Engineer Group: helps companies by tricking people into giving away crucial information about their company without them realizing what is happening at first place so that they can be used later on for illegal activities like theft of sensitive data or selling it off to third parties for money.

4. The Open Source Group (OSG): The OSG group is one that releases their source code freely on the internet. This means that anyone can see what they do and how they do it. It also means that if you have a problem with them, you can contact them directly, and they will help you out. They do not hide anything from the public. They try to keep their work open for everyone to use and improve upon it.

5.  The Closed Source Group (CSG): The CSG group does not release their source code publicly, but rather sells their services for money instead of helping others for free like the OSG group does. The CSG group will often charge people for their services in order to pay for things like software licenses, web hosting fees, etc., which makes it more difficult for hackers to get involved with this type of group because some members may not want to pay money just so they can help other people’s projects out.

6. LulzSec Hacking Group: LulzSec is a hacking group that was led by an English-speaking Australian teenager named LulzSec. It was active between 2011 and 2012, with hackers taking down the websites of Sony, PBS and Reuters, among others. The group’s name comes from a word play on “lulz” (short for “laughing out loud”) and “sec” (short for security). It was formed in 2011 by Ryan Cleary, Jake Davis and Topiary. The group gained notoriety after it hacked the FBI website and leaked information about a planned counterterrorism operation against Anonymous members. The group also hacked into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which gave them access to more than 100 million accounts containing personal information about Americans’ transactions at the bank.

7. Anonymous Hacking Group: Anonymous Hacking Group or a group of hackers are those individuals or groups who have the ability for hacking and other kinds of cyber crimes. The name “Anonymous” comes from a hacker group that uses the Internet to make political statements, especially against corporations. The main goal of Anonymous is to fight against corruption in governments and corporations by hacking websites. This can be done by posting messages and links on websites to get people involved in their cause, as well as releasing personal information about corrupt officials and other damaging information. The group has also been known to take down websites with DDoS attacks (distributed denial-of-service) which flood servers with traffic until they crash under pressure.

8. The Lizard Squad Hacking Group: The Lizard Squad Hacking Group is an organized group of hackers who have been responsible for a number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The group emerged in 2014, and has since claimed responsibility for several high-profile attacks against the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The group’s membership is not limited to the United States; it has been reported that members may hail from Russia, Colombia, Japan, Spain and Brazil. The Lizard Squad Hacking Group first came to light in November 2014, when it launched a DDoS attack on Sony Online Entertainment’s PlayStation Network (PSN). The group took credit for the attack, claiming that it was intended to protest against the company’s decision to block access to previously purchased games from North Korea via its Asian servers. This was followed by a second attack on PSN in January 2015 that lasted almost four days straight. Later that month, the Lizard Squad hacked into Microsoft’s Xbox Live service and defaced servers belonging to Electronic Arts (EA). The group also claimed responsibility for a 2012 hack on Blizzard Entertainment’s Battle.net platform, which resulted in stolen user credentials being distributed online via file sharing websites

9. AntiSec Hacking Group: AntiSec Hacking Group is a group of hackers, who have been involved in several hacking incidents and security breaches. The group has been active since 2011 and has hacked hundreds of websites and servers using several methods. The group is mainly known for its DDoS attacks, but it also uses other forms of hacking techniques like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), and others. AntiSec Hacking Group was founded by a hacker named Joshua Ryan Evans, who goes by the alias “Antisec” on Twitter. The group was formed after a series of DDoS attacks on prominent websites in 2011. These included CNN, BBC and others. AntiSec claimed responsibility for these attacks as well as others that followed. AntiSec’s main focus is on exposing government surveillance programs around the world like PRISM and XKeyscore which are used by US intelligence agencies to spy on people all over the world without their knowledge or consent.

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  1. All very powerful Hacking groups but what Makes Anonymous Hackers is that can take out targets all over the world . Russia or Iran 🇮🇷 or , Mymarar would not want to upset any off these Hacking Groups They are all very powerful groups Anonymous Hackers and then other are powerful Damage as we all seen that they can do over years different # ops . Inside all these groups are smaller groups now that have growing bigger . Anonymous Hackers some Hacker Groups do a lot Of Hackivestism .

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