What did Anonymous hack?

Anonymous hacktivists group is very popular among people all over the world. Researchers quote, “It is more extensive than anyone can predict.

In recent times, where government persecution is widespread, these groups have come up almost everywhere. The most famous among them is ANONYMOUS. The activities performed by such hackers are considered to be an illegal act but done in contrast to injustice by authorities. People think Anonymous groups to be punishers.

We have figured out 5 of the best hacks done by Anonymous group:

UN’s website hack (2020)

In February, the website of UN got hacked and instead of it, Anonymous group created a page for Taiwan, who doesn’t have a seat in UN since 1971.The KTM emblem (Flag of republic of China), was featured on the hacked page through Anonymous. This inconvenience longed for about 14 hours, and the server hacked by the Anonymous group belonged to the UN department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Donald Trump’s Website Hack (2015)

In 2015, Donald Trump expressed his views to people worldwide that he wanted all Muslims to be restricted from entering United State. Unfortunately, Donald Trump, through this act, got victimized by the Anonymous hackers. His website immediately got down for around an hour and a twitter account related to the Anonymous group broke the hacking news. A Youtube video was also released shortly to make him realize what Donald Trump has done and asked him to think again before speaking.

Email of Bank of America Drops (2011)

The Anonymous group released a cache of emails acquired from someone who was earlier a Bank of America employee. The Anonymous group claims that all the emails from November 2010 were vague, with no proper bank lending practices. The bank denied this allegation that could lower their credibility.

The emails clearly showed the relationship between a Bank of America’s insurance unit, known as Balboa Insurance, in which they used to discuss the elimination of information from documents in the loan file.

Anonymous also released the relationship between the group and the former employee in which the worker used the word “cult” for the bank and that they intended to destroy his career.

Federal Attack (2012)

Anonymous group showed up after the shutting down of piracy hub Megaupload by feds.

In the US’s biggest anti-piracy crackdown, Megaupload.com’s leaders were arrested, and the website was shut down, which was a top-rated station for downloading illegal media. After several hours, the Anonymous group being the fan of the website, knocked down the agency’s website offline. Anonymous uses DDoS to direct a flood of traffic to the website to crash it temporarily by rushing its servers.

Fine Gael Website Attack (2011)

The anonymous group hacked the Fine Gael by taking over the group’s new website and posted, “Nothing is safe, you put your faith in this political party, and they take no measures to protect you. They offer you free speech, yet they censor your voice. WAKE UP!!”

Conclusion– Anonymous has experienced an increase in international reputation recently. Their acts have been appreciated by the common people, for they act in the public interest.

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23 thoughts on “What did Anonymous hack?

  1. Need to know more about what is actually happening in the world. Major distrust of mainstream media. Too much is being swept under the carpet under the pretence of COVID 19

  2. I realize that Anonymous is concerned with worldwide situations, wich is very important. But, maybe the group could expand its actions. I’m just a father-teacher who would like to love in a better world and can’t do a lot about many things. But, if it is interesting, there are situations of sexual abusing in Florianopolis (and in Santa Catarina, and in brazil) happening without any real action to be decreased or punished the bad guys. Well, at least, not by official forces.

  3. An attack occurred on Anonymous’s proxy servers and wrote xeon processors and inflicted 20000 dollars on them, but Anonymous took its revenge with 300000 dollars.

  4. Dears,
    I am father of three female kids among one is special child and jobless for years lives in india, need financial support for living during this hard time. Will give once rejoin to work. Kindly help!.

  5. im not gonna lie anonymous are like the anbu black ops from naruto good people doing dirty work in the cyber shadows im glad we have people like this because without them what would society be.

  6. I think that crime in Kansas city should be decreased and this guy had sexually assaulted me and he deserves justice! Police can’t find him but I have been needing more support and tools used for hacking into his phone and tracking where he is.

  7. I think that crime in Kansas city should be decreased and this guy had sexually assaulted me and he deserves justice! Police can’t find him but I have been needing more support and tools used for hacking into his phone and tracking where he is. it would mean a lot to me to get help on tracking this guy!!!!!

  8. I’m s1ege from Ghost Squad Hackers. A lot of those attacks were done by my group. We will continue to hack for the people.

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