Does Anonymous Support Trump in 2020 Election?

We at Anonymous Group, are a decentralized international activist movement who has been known over their time to shake a few things up in world politics and events. Anonymous group has been behind some huge cyber attacks against government institutions as well as against the Church of Scientology, which is often referred to as a cult by various people and organizations. With the elections looming this year, what is our stance during these times and what do we wish to materialize during the elections?

Anonymous Support Trump

Anonymous Hackers believe in the extreme leftist-libertarian ideals of personal freedom. Earlier this year Anonymous released a new Trump dirty laundry leak threat on their Twitter page, anonymous had threatened to spill some dirt on Trump, but it is believed that Twitter did not allow this news to be published and the matter had been silenced. However, Trump’s policies and election campaign this year is one that strikes controversy but are not views that we are strongly set against.

Back in 2016, Anonymous started yet another debate, and declared “total war” against Donald Trump, although many sources claimed that the motive was not strictly just to target Trump. The declaration of war came with the first attack on Trump’s brand, trying to demolish his name and business. On March 17, 2016, Anonymous published Trump’s Social Security and cellphone numbers and Trump demanded that the people responsible were arrested, however, the investigations did not continue, even though Anonymous were undertaken by both the FBI and The Secret Service. We wish to spread awareness, which means giving the freedom to the people, to encourage them to research, to learn, and to find their own voice.

This year, Anonymous had focused on being involved with an attack on the police and to educate those about the Black Lives Matter protest, a movement that Trump himself claims he supports and he has encouraged justice for this absurd crime.  This was in no way an attack directly on Trump. Pointing the finger at the police, Anonymous released a video, someone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask in the style of the film V for Vendetta and a distorted voice who voices a message to the people.

This was centered towards justice for Floyd and a change among the people to try and right the wrongs of the police and policies. Their official Twitter page has been very quiet since June when we began a series of tweets relating to justice. Since then, there have been no tweets relating to the 2020 elections. However, these hacking sequences indirectly were associated with the 2020 elections and the Black Lives Matter movement. It is believed that Anonymous are the cause of the public suspension of the Minneapolis Police Department website, which certainly means that their movement has caught up some speed during this time.

At this moment, however, Anonymous are certainly not protesting against Trump’s election campaign. We give our 100% support for Trump because of his China policy. He’s the only only  person who can handle the Chinese virus threat. Joe Biden is very much soft for China because of his family relations with the Chinese communist party. That’s why we support you Mr. Trump. 

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27 thoughts on “Does Anonymous Support Trump in 2020 Election?

  1. I’m sorry Anonymous supports Trump. As a mother and a high risk person for Coronavirus, I understand everyone has a right to support their choice for all issues, but Trump dismisses the scientific principles for COVID-19 and Climate Change. I fear for the lives of individuals I love and for the world ar large. Finally, I have 3 lifelong friends who are experiencing their 3rd fire in California and the beautiful, wondrous people and beaches of the gulf of Mexico while Hurricane Sally prepares to exert her strength. No chat needed. I just wanted to express my disappointment in Anonymous supporting Trump who is a liar, cheat and the worst narcissist of my time on earth.

    1. Well I hope you do understand the good this man has done in the past three years . Before the communist Democratic Party released there trial version of this deadly disease we had a very booming economy . I am truly sorry you have not used your own mind to really see what’s going on with the globalist that will have there say . The media tells lies and has for years they would love to destroy this country and I for one don’t want to have to say I told you so . If I have to tell you I told you so , we as Americans have failed our own country . Have a wonderful day !!

    2. Robin la penso esattamente come te, però sappi che gli Anonymous sono migliaia, tantissimi, e quella su Trump non è l’opinione di tutti, ma solo di quello che l’ha scritta. Io ovviamente, essendo anch’io Anonymous, rispetto la sua opinione, ma non la supporto, e come me tanti altri. D’altronde qua si può scrivere qualsiasi cosa, per fortuna c’è la libertà di parola.

    3. I am not sorry Anonymous now supports Trump, in the past they were very much so part of the Left Extremist. I am a Firefighter/Paramedic and even I believe the Covid-19 is a bunch of horse crap. And has nothing to do with Climate change. As an example look at Al Gore and the depletion of the ozone. His theory was completely debunked. I am from California. The reason for the fires that California has had is its dry season. That’s not climate change that’s mother nature. And PG&E not keeping the trees cut back from the power lines. We have the same problem in Alaska, so Climate change has nothing to do with it.

    4. I agree with Ms.Casto, as an organization that wants equal rights, I would expect you to be against President Trump not siding with him. I am currently asking Anonymous if all
      who join have to support Mr. Trump but for now, I am very disappointed

    5. Wo ist dein Problem?? Lass dich Impfen und alles ist gut!!
      Was soll also dein bescheuertes Gelaber???

    1. these fakes anonymous dudes do realize that china has less coronavirus cases that the US like- also anon doesnt even know who each other are, so how do they know one member isn’t chinese? -__-

  2. How does Anonymous feel about voter suppression and the Republican attack on the viability of mail-in voting? Would you intervene if it were clear that Biden had won the election but Trump refused to concede? Or vice versa?

  3. l totally agree with anonymous,not only that,if biden gets in we will be in a(( neocon))war as soon as they can get it started.l was a democrat when they were the party of peace,what happened to them? look what they did to libia,one of the richest countries in africa. after obama and hillary got done,you now can buy people on open air slave market…bidens a potato,more controlled than trump. look what the democrats have done by backing the riots,so many small businesses lost that people put there whole lives into. put out this mail in voting to they can cheat and try to steal the election that they know they cant win. i have seen videos of blacks beating older store owners trying to protect there business to a pulp. all in the name of black lives matter. never shown on main stream media? i was a dem all my life, not anymore. if they win were screwed for good.
    can you imagine blacks tearing down statues of abraham lincoln ,who sacrificed his life to free them. wtf

  4. I have a great deal of respect for Anonymous ideals and have a mere suggestion. Would it shake up a few things if Anonymous could break in tonight’s presidential debate and fact-check all candidates’ responses? I believe it would give voters more information to go on so they are better equipped to vote. Also, I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to make more of an impact during this election other than signing petitions. I don’t want to see people lose what little freedom they still have to hang on to.

  5. These guys are NOT Anonymous, they have defiled the name….support Trump? Are fucking kidding me? The ‘How Anonymous started’ write theyve done…complete shit, we KNOW how it started and it weren’t that bullshit they dreamt up!! They even want a NAME and EMAIL for the chat haha, yeah very ‘Anon’. This is some QAnon PsyOps bullshit…

    ….Expect us

  6. Sorry but this guy is clearly the face of the globalist agenda with many humanitarian crimes on his list, going from election fraud back in 2016, Running a discriminative electoral campaign towards women and various minority groups. Denial of climate change in favour of corporations. Obvious ties with Russia and personal interests in bringing america in a state of chaos. Signing of nature reserves protected area to big corporations. Pure evil guy this.. “A little cleaning from the inside.” is only one of his “fascist-like” quotes. Together with Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsenaro and all the other globalist power hungry dictators who have proven themselfs false leaders time after time by trying to get parlemental immunity and opposing democracy. Right now the foundations have been layed for a full communist dictatorial global society, making use of technology and pshychological manipulation of the normal people. Question is do you allow this world to be their playground where you are the toy of big corporations and goverments without a real face? Do you want your children to get programmed to live in their sick monopoly? Or do you want your children to be living on a real breeding, inter-connected planet that values its resources to preserve and make available for all? Big capital is out to mute our voices forever so they can take full power and have their “global reset “as they call it. What this actually means is povertise middle class and undermine social interaction and trade through bureaucracy, take control of finances and monopolize entire markets that used to be a source of income for many people who now have to go to work for lower wages. Cashless and virtual money are embedded into society so companies have full control over your spending, whereabouts and account information. (this is all for your safety..? Easy to tamper with someones virtual account..) Under the of “regulation” more and more “Western countries” reside to repression by law enforcement and in the form of financial penalties. It starts with small things, think about it how the world has been changing since the late 90’s. (CCTV’s, Mobile tracking, non-stop disinformation via media channels, ..) Technocrats and businessmen are killing our society to their benefit. Coronavirus is playing in their cards to manipulate us and try to enslave us through vaccines, lockdowns and pshychological warfare. What more evidence do you need to totally boycot people like Trump now and in the future? Stand up and have a voice !

  7. Trump has been the only constitutional president in a long time. We fully support him and plan on taking down the Democratic party due to their tampering with a free and fair election.

    We are anonymous…
    We don’t forgive..
    We don’t forget..
    Expect us.

    1. i sure hope you dig up stuff on biden and bring it out, fast!! these people are killing the freedom in america for their own ill gain, making it about the elites….enough is enough we are We The People, this country has turned upside down all the while little by little taking freedom away while hiding their dirty secrets…..

    2. so will you provide his campaign FACTUAL PROOFS of the HUGE FRAUD made by PEDOPHILE BIDEN team and that has steal the winning in “MICHIGAN”(after they even corrupted one republican member that stood with DEMONCRAPS to validate FAKE results…and what about PENSYLVANIA?…and GEORGIA…it was strange that with all “LEGAL”(has the republicns calll them) the “GOP” was ahead…and i remembered another RED FLAG…what about their “leit motif” … “every vote must count”???shouldnt that raise any suspiction that something very dirty was lurking…now, the voting was very strange and the PEDOPHILE BIDEN numbers did not had up…the number dont follow…hey they are against all voting theories that exist…so if you are the real “Anonymous” crunch the data and find the proofs of DEMONCRAP fault…and send them to the italian lawyer!or why not also send them to INFOWARS team!remember that the FLIP of the states happened to much fast!

    3. Malheureusement ils ont eu le dessus , grâce à la Chine ? Soros ? Les américains regardent trop la télé , et prennent tout pour argent comptant .
      Quand je lis ce qui est dit sur trump et que je fais des recherches , c’est complétement faux !
      Je pense que le peuple qui a voté contre lui va avoir de grands regrets

      La Chine est mortifère , elle est en train d’avaler le monde , et Biden est pour fricoter de plus en plus avec la Chine
      Trump était contre

  8. America has gone looney. The “anti-establishment” of 10 years ago is now demanding to be ground under its boots. Trump is The People’s President, the WORKER’S president, and America’s president. Biden has decades of corruption, which is why he’s running for president in the first place.

    We have a cartel in our government, and Americans acknowledged that by electing Trump in 2016.

    I hope that Anonymous decides to shed some light on what is happening with Biden and the Democrats over the past 4 years, because there should be MUCH to uncover there.

    It seems that Anonymous has been “turned off” of searching for corruption on the other side, which kinda discredits them. If they would be even-handed in their pursuit of justice, they would regain my support that they lost in their attacks on the anti-establishment election in 2016. Anonymous should ABSOLUTELY be digging into what’s happening in this election, whether they believe it to be a “conspiracy theory” or not, conspiracies DO HAPPEN. Some conspiracy theories are true. It was a “conspiracy theory” that JFK would be assassinated too, until it ended up being true.

    Don’t dismiss things just because the NEWS is reporting that it’s a conspiracy theory. The sheer effort being put behind censoring information should raise many concerns, and that should awaken people and motivate them to dig deeper. It seems like the censorship is having its intended effect.

  9. I believe this election exposes a weakness in the very fabric of democratic elections. As Joseph Stalin was quoted saying:”Its not who votes that matters its who counts the votes”. A peace of software known as Dominion has been used by 31 states to tally votes, It is now discovered it was skimming votes from Republicans and switching them to Democrats. This not only effects the Presidential election but the House and Senate as well. This is on top of the tried and true democrat tactics of using Dead people, busing voters all over to vote multiple,e times, and straight up trashing republican votes. I was once a democratic organizer and what i saw turned me to the republicans. What we need is a new way to vote securely and decentralized control. (BlockChainVoting), currently i’m involved in developing such Crypto solutions. I once served as a organizer for Hillary campaign against Obama, and that’s when i learned how the Dems do everything. I now know that Donald Trump is the best hope for America to retain the freedoms we all take for granted. The media is owned and their job is to program the thoughts of the population(Ministry of Thought…1989), but it is pure propaganda.

  10. As there are others being misinformed. I feel the need to leave a comment, (if it gets through moderation).
    This is bullshit and not really Anonymous. There are a lot of people who pretend to be anonymous to discredit the organization. While the sorting through of information and misinformation can be difficult, we have to always use critical thinking and never take anything we read at face value. Sadly most of us don’t have the time I do to do the research that it takes to confirm or deny if information is factual. Hopefully, this helps!

  11. This election was stolen… please expose Biden before he sells out America like Obama… this government is corrupt

  12. PLEASE expose and drain the swamp! Biden will ruin this country, we’ll be owned by china Russia and North Korea!
    They’ll take our guns and turn is into slaves.

    Keep Trump in, whatever you can do to expose their corruption.
    Big tech, media, bill Gates, etc

    (Oh and help me out with my financials too 😉😂👍)

  13. Mr is against the idea of turning the world into a single communist roost.

    Joe Biden and his cannibals are in favor of the bloody 2030 Agenda that wants to leave us all empty-handed. No computers, no cars, no houses, no family … nothing.

    These shitty sons want to leave us without a free internet; We will only see the propaganda of the one world party if they are successful.

    They are already killing many people through the false pandemic, with the lockdowns, with vaccines, with the economic disaster, and all by spreading fear of a virus that they themselves produced.

    They will be the only rich and we will be their slaves, if we let them.

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