What Happened to the Facebook ?

Facebook, known as the world’s biggest social networking website. Almost half of the world’s population is using Facebook. People around the globe are using Facebook for their daily activity and applications login. Facebook has become so important to us because of these activities. What happened yesterday we all know very well. Facebook servers were down. 

Apart from that, What’s App and Instagram were also down. It happened because Facebook uses the same servers for these applications. Facebook servers were down for almost around six hours. Today we at Anonymous Hackers are going to figure out why this happened.

When we surfed the internet and found that Facebook, IG, and What’s App websites were not working, and shown us the error 5**. That was an error encountered when servers disconnected with DNS(Domain Name Server). It happened that time when Facebook faced an allegation from the whistleblower Frances Haugen

She shared in her speech, Facebook promoting hate speech for its profit & and spoils children’s behavior. Did Facebook delete something from its database? And it took so long to delete files. Because we have seen few things that would be point to single point. New York Times mentioned in its statement, to fix this issue, Facebook had sent its employee to its California data center. We are 100% sure it was not a hack. Facebook did something. Soon we will let you know what they did.

Also, we have learned one more thing, can we live without Facebook, What’s App, Instagram? What will happen to our daily life when these websites shut down. We already know that. It heavily impacts our daily basis activities. We log in to other social media apps through Facebook. It may get stop all other things that you would like to do on other apps. 

And how about whats app and Instagram? To share our status & images, we use these apps widely. When these apps shuts down, we can be cut off from our family worker’s friends. So what we could to do so that we will never face such kind of issues? 

We at Anonymous Hackers suggest, cut your dependency from one single server. If you are using the app for the chat, it does not mean there is what’s app messenger only available in the market. You can use other messenger apps like a telegram. That would be the only solution. Expect us. 


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