How iOS is better than Android?

iOS is a better operating system than Android and Windows Phone. I think the reason is that Apple has a lot of control over how their OS works, and they have the resources to make it work well. The other two have much less control, and they don’t have the resources to make them work well. They’re also competing against each other. Android is basically just a bunch of apps running on top of Google’s Linux kernel. It’s not really a complete system in itself, so it takes much more effort to get something working on it than on iOS or Windows Phone. Windows Phone has a great app ecosystem, but their hardware isn’t good enough to compete with iPhones or iPads.

iOS Has a Better App Store

The iOS App Store has a much larger selection of apps than the Android one. The iOS App Store is also more consistent and reliable. For example, when you want to download an app on your phone, it’s easy to do so. You just go to the App Store and search for it or type in some keywords. On Android, you may have to search through a long list of results before finding the right app that you want to download. In addition, Apple has processes in place that prevent developers from making apps that mimic existing apps on the Google Play Store (like fake versions of Instagram). This helps ensure that users don’t get confused about what’s real and what isn’t.

Android Has a Huge Number of Apps but Many of Them Are Not as Good as Apple’s Apps:

Android has a huge number of apps but many of them are not as good as Apple’s apps. This is because Android has its own ecosystem, unlike iOS where you can choose from millions of apps from developers. Apple has a strong ecosystem with several great services like Mail, iMessage and many other things that make your life easier. There are many more services in the future like Apple Pay and AirDrop which will make your life more interesting. Android is also known for its customization options like themes, lock screen widgets and so on. But these customization options are not as good as Apple’s iOS 9 personalization tools. Android also comes with a lot of bloatware pre-installed on it which makes it slow and laggy at times too. This problem doesn’t exist with iOS devices because they don’t have bloatware pre-installed on them at all!

There’s Less Bloatware With iOS:

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but it also has its drawbacks. The software is constantly updated with new features and apps, which can lead to a cluttered home screen  and that’s where Apple comes in. Apple offers a streamlined version of iOS that’s free from any unnecessary apps or features. This means there’s less bloatware on your iPhone than on Android phones.

iphones Have a Better Ecosystem of Accessories:

iPhones have a better ecosystem of accessories than Android phones. In fact, Apple is so good at it that it’s going to be hard for other companies to catch up. There are lots of reasons why, but one of the most important ones is that Apple has always been willing to let other companies make their own versions of its devices.

Conclusion: There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing which platform is best for you.

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