Anonymous Hackers Message to Elon Musk

This message to Elon Musk from Anonymous Hackers, We urge you to stop manipulating the cryptocurrency market. Peoples want to trade in crypto because they want to earn money. You are promoting individual crypto coins and denied others. Because of this, we have seen instability in the cryptocurrency market.

Elon Musk

We received a bunch of messages every day from the peoples around the world asking the cryptocurrency stability. Because of your recent tweet bitcoin rate get down. People lost their money because of your tweets. We can understand, your interests are more important than people’s interests. But, remember this we always stand behind every citizen of the world.

We request you don’t share anything that would be against the people’s interest. We know you’re the wealthiest individual on the planet. Millions of people follow you, that does not mean you take advantage of their trust & manipulate the cryptocurrency market.

A few days ago, you mentioned in your statement that you’re going to stop accepting Bitcoins to buy Tesla cars. And after that, you had started promoting Dogecoins. Can we ask one question, why you’re interested in Dogecoins? We think you could give that answer in the correct form. So please stop sharing that kind of thing that would against the people’s interest.

If you think you’re the most intelligent person on the planet earth. Your perception is wrong. Expect us.




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Anonymous Hackers

This is anonymous group official website control by anonymous headquarters. Here you can read the latest news about anonymous. Expect us.

15 thoughts on “Anonymous Hackers Message to Elon Musk

  1. I saw in youtube video that there are a
    group of billionaire behind up and down of
    Bitcoin .When the market is down they buy
    a lot of bitcoin and when the market is up they
    Sold all bitcoin and earn huge money. This is
    there main principle to earn in bitcoin

    1. Hmm! That’s true crypto can fall down easily when their selling rates come down then no one will think to buy this currency. And it requires so many tons of water to yield a bitcoin, so that’s of no use. We Just destroy nature for fun. This should be stopped.

  2. Anonymous seeks justice once again. Please do something with the Elon Musk bitcoin situations. My father himself has lost some money due to it.

      1. is it true that anonymous has a website? If they would have a website, would they have it on plane web?? It is a decenteralised community…by the way, the articles are really awesom

  3. Musk is a self-important asshole. Nothing gives him the right to govern the world for the rest of us. We span the entire world and advocate equality for everyone. The privileged few see themselves as invincible, but we outnumber them: we are Legion.

  4. Я думаю, что он как и все имеет право на свободу слова и также имеет право свободно высказывать свое мнение, это права как и у всех людей на земле. И он себя непобедимым не считает. Легион это что?

  5. The only reason he’s promoting dogecoin is for the meme. And that I can respect.

  6. You will support Trump but strike against Elon Musk. Please self-reflect on this matter. I hope you are willing to open a dialogue with Elon first before you immediately obliterate him. Give the man a chance to explain himself in the face of the accusations that you hold against him. In some matters he might not have a choice, and that the standards of the world force him on certain tracks which he would rather not tread.

    Thank you for all the good work,

    “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

  7. tourists to the moon and poor people dying on earth!
    a bit more urgent to discuss then his stupid crypocoints id’s i think? or am i wrong?

  8. if i was that rich, i could’nt forgive myself to let people die of hunger instead of all those with spacetourism…
    and yes, there’s indeed something ass a boss may earn more money buth this seems like going completely the oppisite side it should be….

  9. most likely because of his richness and loss of touch because of that, his escapades concerning e-coins did pain to less wealthy people. Indeed not constructive and hopefully not intended for only personal gain…
    not a personal fan of the man buth his answer to the world food program to indeed donate money after a good essay makes me hope again…

  10. Many have said that point of view is a truth. WITHOUT WATER, AIR and FOOD what happens with PLANET EARTH. Based on this principle, I believe that we have reached a unique moment, to go to all or nothing and stop having mercy. Either PLANET EARTH is everyone’s or it’s nobody’s. Either everyone has the right to WATER, AIR and FOOD, or I sincerely give up believing that this PLANET EARTH NEEDS HELP. Note: Hiding information about events was not part of the GROUP. Yes, many events being silenced about LOSS OF LIVES in the history of HUMANITY, and few still comply with v. Money needs to be everyone’s and everyone’s. End PEDOPHILIA. Ending HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Give access to FOOD ACROSS THE PLANET to ALL. Chronology of EVENTS to clarify EVENTS. The Group will be able to do it, why has it not yet been implemented? Infiltrators in the GROUP. OPEN YOUR EYES.

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