Colombia’s Senate website Hacked by Anonymous Group

Anonymous group has taken down the website Colombia Senate website. We received news from our sources that the website was down. The anonymous group has taken responsibility for that attack. Anonymous group also has released a list of leaked emails that are related to government officials.

Colombia Senate
Source: Anadolu Agency

Colombian soil now becomes the battleground of people who are fighting against the government tax reform bill. Every individual who earns 311$ will have to pay the tax to the government. Also, the government wants to increase the price of gas.  That is not acceptable. That money is not enough to fulfill the people’s needs. Because of COVID-19, most people had lost their job.  What will happen when the government wants to do this kind of silly thing? So how is this possible for a Colombian citizen, who could fulfill his need and pay tax also with this low amount? The government has excluded the bill, but the protesters do not want to stop that protest. According to the sources, many people died because of police brutality. President has withdrawn the bill, but people still are on the road.

We urge the people of Colombia to stop the protests. We Anonymous Hackers always beside every citizen of the world. But as of now, the situation is not in our favor. The COVID situation is not good in Colombia. It may or will become worst if the protests continue to happen. We urge the youth to stop protesting. If you believe in anonymous, please stop these protests. If the government repeats this mistake, we will fully support you. We will always be with people. We will support the Colombian people in the fight against corrupt politicians.

Still, we do not have any information about the anonymous group that had hacked the government website. But we will soon release information about this hack. Also, we received lots of queries from Colombian peoples. Sorry if we don’t reply to every single conversation. We are working hard to give our best to Colombian citizens.


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This is anonymous group official website control by anonymous headquarters. Here you can read the latest news about anonymous. Expect us.

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    1. first step is to learn to code. then once you understand how website servers work you can hack them. you’ll understand once you learned. that and donations help anonymous group. good luck

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