Anonymous Hackers Message to Tokyo Olympics

Hello, citizens of Japan. Today we’re going to share our views on Tokyo Olympics. Past few months, we received a bulk of messages from the Japanese citizens. These messages were all about the Olympics. Japanese citizens do not want the Olympics to be held within a month. All that they want from their government is to postpone the Olympics dates.

Tokyo Olympics
Tokyo Olympics

People of Japan requested us to know our opinion about this game. Our verdict is, we will always and will stand with every citizen of Japan. We have analyzed the situation and found that the current situation is not suitable for the sports event. We can understand the government has spent lots of money on it. But citizen priority should be top of the chart in any situation.

Olympics is the biggest festival for all athletes around the globe. Every single sportsperson wants to represent their country. What will happen when all athletes will be gathered in a single place? What happens if one of them is affected with the Coivd-19. Japanese government thinks that they have a solution to this problem. Vaccine, right. Yes, we also believe vaccines are the best weapon to fight against COVID. There are lots of vaccines available in the market. All of these vaccines are around 92% effective. Till now, no vaccine available in the market can provide 100% protection from all COVID strains.

So how Japanese government taking the risk to allow every citizen around the globe to participate in this festival. A recent example of a sports event failure is the Indian Premier League. They had to postpone their even to coming months. Because one by one their players were affected by COVID. We don’t know, why don’t every government around the globe learn from other’s mistakes? These governments only want their interests should remain top of the chart. So we at Anonymous Hackers suggest the Japanese government postpone these Olympics until the end of this pandemic. In medical science, there is no proper solution to fight against this disease as of now. So please, Government of Japan, we suggest you postpone the Olympics. Expect us. 

Conclusion: Japanese citizens, we will support you always don’t worry. We are with you until the Japanese government should not take any necessary action on this game.

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