Does Anonymous Group Only Belongs to Hackers?

Anonymous Hackers or Anonymous Group is the international society of professionals who work for the citizen of the world anonymously. Most people believe that anonymous group only belongs to hackers. Everyone in the world has the same mindset that anonymous group members come from the hacking background. Today we are going to cover our area of work. After reading this article, your perception will be change about anonymous hackers.

Anonymous Members

Anonymous foundation based on anonymity. That was the 4CHAN website where the anonymous group first member arrived. The first conversation of the anonymous group member was about politics. People around the globe after that day started to recognize anonymous members. Till now, no one knows who that person was.  

There is no data or any information available on the internet about that person. We also do not know anything about the anonymous founder. Where does he live, what he is doing, what he will be going to do? So how do you determine anonymous member identity as a hacker? We want to confirm that anonymous does not have an identity or specific qualification. Anonymous members can only recognize other anonymous members through a guy fox mask. Rather than, there is no official document available on the internet or in the headquarters that will ensure that person is anonymous. 

Also, there is one question circulated on the internet about an anonymous group about its website and official YouTube channel. Our answer is no. Anonymous does not have any official website or YouTube channel. Those who have mentioned they have their own views about anonymous. 

Final Verdict:  Anonymous group is not related to hacking. Its member could be from any field. Anonymous could be a doctor, engineer, hacker, teacher, anything who does good work for their society without revealing their identity. So we request to everyone, don’t mention anywhere that anonymous members are only hackers. Thanks for believe in anonymous.

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Anonymous Hackers

This is anonymous group official website control by anonymous headquarters. Here you can read the latest news about anonymous. Expect us.

6 thoughts on “Does Anonymous Group Only Belongs to Hackers?

  1. I think that Anonymous started out as only hackers but then grew to all kinds of people. Even just regular people can and have joined.

  2. I have been an internet analyzer since 92 and yes have accumulated a lot of dirt and will delete it all because truth is known and does not have a profit when you are who you are and the internet is a place for no one, end of story.

  3. anonimous no es mas q una cantidad exonerarte de personas q buscan sacear sus propios intereses,aveses tendrás y insidiras con la opinion de otro ,pero la verdad es q solo se va por lo q uno quiere, haci se tenga q m#t@r a 100 hombres para hacerlo por q haci es el ser humano.

  4. Have you any information about innocent American citizen’s being targeted and branded a domestic terrorist? And once the individual is targeted they become a victim of gangstalking and ( similar to MK ULTRA) government nazi expieramentation?

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