Does Anonymous support Trump?

Most of the people who follow anonymous wants to know does anonymous group support, Trump. Today we are going to discuss your opinion about the current president of the United State.

When president election campaign was started, Hillary Clinton had blame that Trump takes help of Russia to win the presidential election. Maybe it was Russia behind, but this had created the biggest rummer that Donald Trump is the best leader for the white house. This election campaign had made Hilary Clinton bad lady like she will take the USA to the world war. After that, Trump has become the president of the United State. The main motive behind this election had to make Donald Trump superhero. Clinton had said that rubble was invested in social networking websites for the presidential election hack. She was true. This election campaign was the biggest hack in United state election.

We anonymous don’t think that Hillary Clinton is a bad lady. She is a good lady and she had done great work for the women empowerment. But flow took her bad side. The hack behind this election was not small, lots of money had been invested in the various online platform like  Facebook, Twitter etc. To gain the faith of American and whole world people hackers had made rummer that Trump is better for everyone. Russian had ever done the biggest cyber attack in American election history.

These things are old, now come to the main point does anonymous support trump. The answer is no. We don’t support Donald Trump. Because we believe equality. For us every citizen of the world is equal. But Trump is not that type of person. He believes in Racism. If human hates human then there is no meaning that you are human.

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We don’t even like Mr. Trump single verdict or what he wants to do in future for America and American and American peoples. He had started the trade war with China Europe and other countries. He had increased the import duties on other countries products. Because of this, we have to pay extra money for the goods.  His every single policy are very bad. If this will happen to continue it will take America to the cold war. This is not good for any nation.

President Trump also broke the nuclear treaty with Russia. He doesn’t think what he is trying to do. If the things will going continue like this very soon world war will going to start. We don’t know what he is trying to do and want to do in the future. He doesn’t want to improve relationships with any other nation. According to Mr, President he will make America great again, but not through this way. If he will continue his policy definitely he will put America in war.

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30 thoughts on “Does Anonymous support Trump?

  1. if we can contact u everybody can and they can even locate u all.i don’t think this is real doing this there is very high risk to u also I don’t think it is real….

    1. I don’t know how to put the ‘ @ ‘ in my computer 🤣🤣 I’m not in condition to work with them jajajajaja

  2. I support Anonymous and the world needs to wake up from the lies and the corruption of the government from which they are from so thank you Anonymous for doing the right thing.

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  4. Im down to help, I have supported the group as long as I have known of it. Im here to help if you need anything.

  5. I agree that people need to wake up from the government corruption. it makes me sick to think that the people that are supposed to help make this world better are only making it worse . I applaud hackers anonymous for trying to expose the government for what they truly are because someone needs to and I am not yet old enough to do a thing about it . on the bright side I do give my opinion on the matter to whoever will listen and give them suggestions on how to prepare for the coming government collapses . thanks hackers anonymous

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  6. hi! I have a suggestion for Anonymous. Since it seems to be established that Trump is highly influenced by the chyrons on cable TV shows, Anonymous should hack the cable signal and use the chyrons to tell him to end the govt shutdown.

  7. Anonymous was initially created founded in 2003 and has been going “smoothly” along in the years since then. So one of two things are happening on this website,
    1) anonymous decided to risk their security for publicity
    2) this is a fan/enemy of the group anonymous
    Since anonymous has been going for more publicity than any other thing in the past years not affecting the people positively as they have in the years past it is sketchy if this is a real website from the group or if the group is even still around.

  8. Hillary Clinton is a good lady? She is being now, investigated for running a pedophile ring out of the State Department. Trump is bad for putting people to work? Your minds are skewed. You serve Satan. It’s too obvious.

  9. Im going to have to agree with you on everything you said. Its seems this isn’t really anonymous it all but instead some kind of a front pretending to be them because if this really was them they would have known that the DNC servers weren’t hacked. The administrator of those servers downloaded the data onto a thumb drive. Thats not even mentioning the huge pedophile ring being run by these scumbags that you mentioned. This is seriously some kind of huge joke on everybody who believes this is really Anonymous’s website. 😀

  10. i hope this site has ddos protection
    do not say shit about trump
    oh and im using tor and a fake email
    god bless donald j trump

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