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How Does Tor Works ?

Tor, This is one of the safest browsers on the Internet. In this topic, we are going to share with our readers its working process and how you can use this browser to hide your online presence.

History of Tor: 

History of the Tor browser or you can call it as Onion Router was started at 1990’s. This software was created at United State Naval Laboratory.  US Navy had created this software to create the more secure encrypted connection on the internet. In its official logo, you can easily see the onion with the multiple layers.  This describes when you do want to surf the internet first it will connect you multiple layers before connected to the final IP.

Why Using Tor:

 Most of the time this browser is used for hiding the online identity. Tor is also very much famous for accessing the dark web. Without this browser, dark we can’t be accessed.

Tork Working Process:

The working process of the most famous browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari is totally different from Tor, when you are browsing the internet on these browsers they will connect you with ISP and after that, they will connect you with the final relay. So the website which you do want to visit can easily know your IP address.

But Tor work process is totally different. When you want to surf the internet with Tor, it will create a most secure network for you. First, it will create a connection with your ISP and after that, before connect to any web server, it will create the most secure node layers.  So if you want to visit any of the websites on the Internet it will not share your actual IP address with the website owner.

Below is the Tor working process how it can create the securely encrypted layer for you. For eg, if someone like Alice wants to communicate with the Bob. It will send him through multiple Tor node.

Fig. 1

Source: torproject.org
Source: torproject.org

When Alice connects with the one by one multiple relays the interesting thing is, no one relay won’t be able to know Alice actual IP address. This process will continue works and will send Alice to the final relay. These all rely are encrypted by 128-bit encryption. so don’t worry. After that, it will connect to the final node. Be aware, the final node is not encrypted. It’s difficult for an attacker to get in access to the final node. But maybe he can crack it.

Fig. 2

Source: torproject.org
Source: torproject.org

In the below image clearly mentioned connection go through green line is encrypted but the red link is unencrypted. So be aware of that.

Fig. 3

Source: torproject.org
Source: torproject.org

Instruction Before Tor Access:

  1. If you think that your online presence fully protected by this browser, then you are wrong. Because the final node is not secure if someone gets in access the final node he can easily track you. For this issue do one thing, connect your system first with the VPN. It will create the more secure anonymous network.
  2. If you want to make a most secure network in Tor, do one thing, set security level high it will disable all java scripts of the website which you do want to visit.
  3. Don’t add the extensions in this browser.
  4. Don’t maximize the window while accessing the Tor.
  5. Make a sure your internet connection speed should be higher. Because when it will connect you with the multiple relays your internet speed will going to slow.

It will create one issue when you will disable java scripts. Most of the website, like Google doesn’t allow you to visit their website without java scripts.  These are the few things you need to keep in mind before you do want to access the Tor network.

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