What is Anonymous?

Anonymous is an international group of peoples who want justice for every citizen of the world. In this article, we are going to share a few things about anonymous that you did not know before.

Anonymous group is known for its ideology. Our ideology is to hide identity from the world and do the good things which make people’s lives better. We believe in anonymity. There are lots of different work have been done by anonymous members that we don’t know. Most of the works done is good and few is bad.

We can’t determine each single works of anonymous. Because there is no headquarters of anonymous where all operation has been held and stored in a specific file. So it’s hard to tell which kind of works anonymous are doing. In the public, the anonymous group is famous for hacking. The most famous hacking attack of anonymous is DDOS. People think that anonymous group known only for hacking but it’s wrong. Some people have spoil our image in the society.

On our side, we don’t do any illegal thing which is against the law. We are cybersecurity specialists those who need our help can contact us at any time. Every day we received a bunch of requests from people, we only accept a genuine request. And which is according to law.
We are not limited to the internet world alone. Most of the anonymous members are doing their jobs anonymously for society in a different way. They don’t need any kind of profit from anyone. They only want to improve people’s lives. In our terms, they are the real hero.

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Anonymous Hackers

This is anonymous group official website control by anonymous headquarters. Here you can read the latest news about anonymous. Expect us.


26 thoughts on “What is Anonymous?

    1. You don’t Need to ask or say You Want To Join ! If You Believe in the Anonymous Idea 🍀 Simply take to any Social Media Platform and start Fighting for a Cause or Causes that You Strongly Believe In 🍀 Fight for WikiLeaks journalist 🍀 Julian Assange 🍀 Fight for the Freedom of the Palestinian people 🇵🇸 Fight for the Tibetan people ✨ their are Many more Causes effecting Humanity to Fight for 🍀

  1. Saya ingin mengikuti grup ini karena saya ingin berperang seperti pahlawan Nasional Indonesia dan saya mau memperbaiki nama bangsa Indonesia

      1. I am being stalked and harrassed by proxy. I have not worked for two years. A woman I once had relations with is behind it. I don’t back down and I am willing to kill or be killed for righteous honor. I am very tired of it. She has all of my technology hacked, she knows my location 24/7. I don’t want to commit a violent crime. But I will not stand for this. She is hiding behind police protection and other. I don’t even have her phone number or access to her location. She has falsified and fabricated a situation that is a scandal. She is a hacker. I know people that she knows, vice versa. This woman is going to cause an unnecessary catastrophic event if she doesn’t stop. I want my peace and privacy. She had violated all 4 torts of espionage. I’ve been misdiagnosed for a mental illness because of this. I need some help. Can you help me. I don’t know much about hacking or tech, but I know a lot about psychology and behavior, and I know this is organized stalking. I study this stuff all day for years. I am not crazy or delusional. I love people but I really hate abuse and liars that get off on hurting others. I am without a doubt bn attacked by cyberwarfare and just warfare in general. She is reading this by the way.

  2. I know where I start but coaching would be a plus and fellow anonymous friends to talk to, exchange with etc…

  3. I am a very hard worker man, father, husband, but lately Ive been having a hard time because I have a special son and the expenses are really high.

    Ive talk with this friend and he told me that it was a good idea to contact you to help me somehow to get $ 31,482.69 dollars, I only have a week before the landlord kickme out and I have to go to court to pay them, I have to pay some debts and my life and inmigration status is in danger.

    please help me

    1. Yo Gustavo if you really are sturggling fianacially im sorry for that first and 2nd the team is on it. If Gustavo Castaneda is your real name help is on the way you will get the money before the week dont worry brother. Good luck with what you are dealing with sending postitive energy your way!.

  4. I am a very hard worker man, father, husband, but lately Ive been having a hard time because I have a special son and the expenses are really high.

    Ive talk with this friend and he told me that it was a good idea to contact you to help me somehow to get $ 31,482.69 dollars, I only have a week before the landlord kickme out and I have to go to court to pay them, I have to pay some debts and my life and inmigration status is in danger.

    please do not publish this

    please help me

  5. Anonymous is an idea.
    Anonymous has no leaders.
    This must be a whitehat branch off……….. …. … . . .
    Anonymous wears many hats.
    Stay Vigilant.
    Much love,

  6. Can I join an anonymous?
    I want to meet anonymous ..
    Can it.
    please answer.
    thank you very much for your time .

  7. that is some things we are but lots more we all need to carefully who we talk Anonymous is( ANONS the MALES )(ANON MISS ARE WOMEN) th ere are many marriges between women and men in ANONYMOUS many anons have anon miss girlf riends family they have is children alot people anonymous don’t the othe family we used is as understand this either collective Federation as all Hacktivists and Activests this is something we all have to learn how ANONYMOUS is around in Europe and North AMerica along time now just did not have the name then it came from 4 Chan social media in 2003 do your owen research how Anonymous was fourm in every country in the world then we all have History the movement. from World Wide Web 1989 to Internet 1996 how we all in contact and protests hacks and demonstrations and we are all involved over the years That is Anonymous for you we AS Anonymous need to be more careful in the future
    The growth of technology is one of the most debatable topics. Some scientists refer to it as a disaster while some refer to it as a blessing. No doubt that we live in the age of technology where it has become an important part of our life but it can sometimes act as a hindrance too if dependency continues to increase. Before we jump to any conclusion, let’s weigh the pros and cons of technology.

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  9. I really want to bring Anonymous out of the shadows but not illegally through hacktivism and I think if we join forces we can all do something to fight hate and injustice.

  10. Anonymous please help me.my instagram passward is missing.My acount name is mr__sphinx.My contact number is 0728361463.

    1. FULL SEND lets start a party after we kill Isis. Any undercovers post on twitter when they are dead. WE NEED VISUAL PROOF GOVERNMENT IF ISIS IS DEAD AND WHY ARE WE HIDING ALIENS? Who cares if the world is scared if we could peace treaty with aliens good will come out of it.

  11. Hello, Mark! We are not able to do much if we don’t know who they are. You can contact the person that knows her and is willing to give information. Thanks!

  12. Facial recognition database the big reset no more protest iur liberties and rights being ushered away all in the name of protecticting our civil liberties, vaccine passports, bull gates buying up thousands of acres of indigenous people farm lands, how can we help ourselves out of this or do we just need to embrace the inevitable social constructs that will indubitably be our lives

  13. Please if anyone has Dr. Kornhaber who practiced in NY , then California as a psychiatrist- he left me with severe lasting impacts as I was 3 years old and put on concerta, then needed a speech specialist to learn how to speak at late four… Its selfish of me to bring this up, but after 27 years of struggling with my autism which was pushed aside because “Oh its adhd,” ignoring the speech therapy talking issue… I just fear for whoever he handles next as I strangely had a fear of men and obsession with the word “rape” at five years old. Only after learning what it meant, the next doctor Dr. Asaad who said my autism didn’t exist disregarded the issue entirely as just fascination.

    I wish I had the words at that age to say “I have a memory like this.”

    I wish I met an anonymous member as a kid, laughably, because I always daydreamed them talking through webcam and going “Don’t worry, child services will come one day.”

    Digression and emotional vomit aside… Thank you all for doing what you do. Please… keep helping people, don’t forget your hearts. You were the super heroes on the internet growing up in 2000s, among us kids. Don’t let people forget you, and I hope you all stay safe given the impact of illness on the world today.

  14. why does this movement should’nt go wider in good deeds, thoughts, education,…
    e-injustice is important buth all injustice is important to raise against with a unniversial whright vision and leeting it know to everybody and educate about it…

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