Truth About Dark Web

The dark web, dark part of the Internet. This is a new part of the internet for those who don’t know anything about the dark web. It also called evil of the Internet. In this article, we are going to share with you everything about the dark web.

Dark web-only runs on Tor Network it is also called onion router, which means multiple relays work on a single time to secure communication. It was invented by the US Navy in the mid-1990s to secure their network data. This network encrypted with the high-end encryption proxies.

Tor was funded by the US naval official to secure their highly sensitive operations. Tor is a special browser used to open the dark web. None of the other browsers can access the dark web. Without Tor dark web is nothing, if Tor will close permanently dark web will no longer exist. Tor works with multiple proxy relays to secure user actual identity. This browser is specially designed for the .onion domain. TLD which only ends with the .onion called dark web domain.

In 2002, Tor was started available for the public. The reason behind this was given by the government that the public could not know which server the government was using. That was the time when the dark web came into existence. Dark web hosting was created, a lot of people started buying dark web domains. Most of the illegal work was started on the dark web. Tor is a secured network, so peoples thinking that they can do illegal activities because they don’t have afraid that no was going to capture them.

Nowadays the dark web is known for illegal work. Most of the illegal work has done through the dark web like hire hitman, child pornography, hire hackers and much more. Silk Road was the biggest platform in the dark web to do illegal things. It was launched in February 2011 by Ross Ulbricht. He was arrested by the FBI and that website was seized by the FBI. At that time Ulbricht earning was around 28 million dollars.

But a few years later another Silk Road version was created by an unknown source. That version was silk road 2.0 It also seized by FBI officials. All transactions in the dark web are done through bitcoins. The main reason behind using bitcoins cannot be tracked by any government institutions. Because it is not a legal currency which is legalized by Government bank. But it is used widely in the dark web.

It was started and fully funded by the US Government. If the Government want all dark web domain can shutdown. We also want dark web servers will shut down forever. Because we always want that every person in the world doesn’t do illegal things. Also, our opinion for everyone is, don’t ever try to visit the dark web if you don’t know how to protect yourself from hackers. Because in the dark web there are lots of malicious codes and links that can harm and control your system. So be safe always.

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40 thoughts on “Truth About Dark Web

  1. thank you guys for giving of information about dark room i always supports you i like your motto and concept thank you for yourefforts

  2. The Dark Web is Seriously not a place to walts in with no Protections one of my Laptops have a Data Leak in the Hard drive So it pretty much useless and I had Protection on that Laptop so if you go to the Dark Web Be Careful.

  3. I hope all .onion website down…
    But I don’t know how to do that, all that I try this whole time is tell my friend’s/family to not open those website

    1. You download it i got it on my phone and laptop and if you want to stay extra secure use nord vpn thats what i would use

  4. While informative, the article is a very short overview. I am not an expert (or even a beginner) on the dark web, but I don’t think it’s used for only illegal activity, but this article gives the impression that it is only used for illegal activity.

    Where can one find information more in-depth and speaks of the technology behind Tor and how it works, if there are other similar projects that haven’t come to public light such as Tor has since Silk Road? I bet Google (the search engine, not the company) is my friend in that area.

    I’m also curious about digital currency as Bitcoin isn’t the first used by illegal activity, such as those two dudes that were running something similar to PayPal until they were busted in Costa Rica.

    I suppose this isn’t the place to ask such questions.

    1. If you mean Black Hat Hackers then no! You can hire hackers on some of those websites who can “Hack” into anything, like facebook, gmail, twitter etc… But real hackers don´t do that and most of them are froud those who are on Darkweb! They take the Coin and disappears!

  5. Ps. Donnie James is not my real name. My real name and gender will be forever unknown. I do it for privacy and safety reasons and my gender is not that important. Refer to me what you like. Just don’t call me an it.

  6. Yes very true I agree 100% but the fact is this article is biased in a lot of ways! I’m not saying don’t shut it all off if we agree as a people, more important than any government selfish human decisions! So the truth is we do still need places to exchange reliable info! Whistle blowers and many leaks are found thru the dark net, wiki leaks, but turns out all that info was biased as well! So sure shut it all off but instead of jus instantly outlawing all these odd black markets which will just pop up again unless we just address the issue! We need to identify, learn, find solutions, make successes and failures but overall help humans overall! That includes environmental and animal and human/civil rights! I mean sure the solution sounds simple as turning it off and it will band aid the issue, but how will trafficking humans just end with a flip of a switch! I’m mean a lot has evolved I rarely need tor anymore! I learned the system and most horrible systems do have some value! I hope we’re ready to make that switch! Also don’t delay it forever to let another generation just turn into debt slaves!

  7. and if you hackers have all that information because they publish to late? sometimes they only do it for their own interests on the internet

  8. ….I had recently found out my info was put on the dark web due to an app info being stolen or something like tht… lol

  9. A LOT of crap is still on the regular internet, I don’t know why some of these sites can keep on existing, stuff like BoyL*** Wiki or something like that. Read some of it yesterday, gross.

  10. im reading all these comments and what i find more than anything is questions……why ,why why? the whole idea is knowledge is free, these posts are knowledge meant to inform the public about things that they are interested in , obviously because your on this site… knowledge is free but you might have to do some research on your own to find the answers you are looking for ……free doesnt mean everything you want to know is gonna just be told to you try googling it or something lol…. i dont know ii was always told that free comes with a dick in your ass, so stop expecting free , as you dont have to do anything …free means you dont or shouldnt have to pay…..but anything worth having is worth working for

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