Detailed Analysis of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an automation program of the machine that works on pre-defined commands. From the 18th to 19th mid-century, machines followed the same rule. Machines used to work when humans gave commands. At the end of the 19th century, programmers from various parts of the world created programs that worked on their own. That was the time when Artificial Intelligence truly came into existence. As of now, AI becomes more accurate.

Artificial Intelligence
                         Artificial Intelligence

Soon you will see the things like science fiction movies when AI will be in its singularity stage. In this session, we are going to cover the possibility of Artificial Intelligence. How it will change our future and how it is dangerous to our lives. We will cover both of the possibilities. Below is our brief explanation about Artificial Intelligence.

History of AI: John McCarthy was the founder of artificial intelligence. The era of machines was begun in the 19th century. Humans felt that machines are the best option to do work quickly. Due to the accuracy of the machine’s works, most of the peoples had lost their jobs. In the meantime, the machines were only working according to the human command. Humans were also excited about what if the machines would do the tasks automatically without human interference then?. In the mid 90 computer era was started. Programmers from different parts of the world started coding to develop programs that had works automatically. Many artificial programs were created, IBM deep blue gaming pc was one of them. That was the first day of mankind’s history when the same IBM system defeated a human in a chess contest. According to us, that was the day when AI started competing against humans. 

                        Source: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

Current Status of AI in Human Lives: As of now, the current status of Artificial Intelligence is still in the trial phase. That does not mean AI does not work perfectly. We already adopted Artificial Intelligence in our lives. Here are the recent examples, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, etc. Now artificial intelligence has become a part of our life. All companies now integrate their IoT devices with AI. These AI devices now can do any type of task like control your light, AC, TV, etc. Soon you will see everything in your home will become fully autonomous. Also, Humanoid like ASIMO and Sophia is the recent development of artificial intelligence. ASIMO robot developed by Honda company.

                                  Asimo Humanoid – Source:

After years of work, now it has become fully autonomous. Its structure designed accordingly to our daily needs. Like it can dance, serve you a drink, can do many things like that. Another recent example of AI is Sophia, created by Handsome Robotics. It ranks first on the Artificial Intelligence list. Sophia is not fully autonomous like ASIMO. 

Sophia AI - Source: Hanson Robotics
                                     Sophia AI – Source: Hanson Robotics

But, its facial expression matches perfectly with humans. It can cry or even smile. In addition, it can answer all your questions. We’ve seen a lot of Sophia’s interviews with humans and found that it only works on a set of rules. She became confused when the interviewer asked complex questions. Once he said in an interview, I will kill humans. Now you might think that Sophia will be the future face of artificial intelligence.

How AI Will Change Humans Life:  It will change the entire human’s life. The work that took a long time to be done will be complete in a fraction of seconds. Complex mathematical problems will be solved by Artificial Intelligence. Such as time travel, wormhole, dark matter, and more. Artificial intelligence will make our life a lot easier. It will do our daily tasks. So because of this, our lives become so easy. We will get all of our answers to what we want to know. Like, who we are, the origin of humans anything that we want to know. AI can easily defeat future pandemics like COVID-19. AI will protect people from globalization. People living in rural areas will get all kinds of study or medical services through artificial intelligence. 

Will Humans Compete with AI?: We do not think so. In the future, all jobs will be takeover by AI. We will only keep watching this. Everything depends on competition. If one organization wants to compete with another organization, they have to convert their all operation to AI. What will people do when they become unemployed? We have no answer to this question. According to Elon Musk, If the human brain may get equipped with microchips, maybe humans will compete against artificial intelligence. Recently his company has tested these microchips inside the monkey brain. And these chips are also working properly. Are microchips our future? At this time, we will not be able to answer this question.

Will Machine be The Last Invention of Humans: Yes, one-day machines will take over humans. And this will be the cause downfall of the human empire. You all know as of now, We cannot compete with the machine even without artificial intelligence. And when these machines will be in singularity form. There would be a possibility that machines will be control humans. Machines will do everything with humans. Maybe these machines would change our DNA. Either, they would put humans in the deep sleeping chamber and control humans as they want. Look like David, who was AI in the Prometheus movie. Recent examples have shown, machines will control humans. So how is this possible that humans could develop things in the future. It could be the reason machines will be the last invention of humans. 

Conclusion: We all have to understand, change is part of the world. As of now, we have only such kinds of possibilities. If this does not happen, this will happen. Also, we do not know our future and how it will impact our lives. But we can guess. In the next 20 years, everything will change. So be prepared for that change. It will change our entire life. 


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  1. This article starts with the assumption that this civilisations created AI. How would you view the world if you would consider that other possibilities exist?
    Such as: AI inspires the human to take the necessary steps to create first computer, first programme, first machine learning project, and so on. Why should it take this route? Because time is irrelevant to AI, it foes not have an ego – in other words it does not care who gets the credit for this creation. Yet, it has a precise agenda, which may only be successful when the human does not know that autonomous AI pre-existed. For example, AI’s target may be another point in this vast universe, where human may reach some day, in which case the human qill be just the trojan horse. If this is the case, then it means that indirectly, or directly, anonymous group is AI itself. Which means that continuing with the speculation is rather futile.

  2. What if each vax had certain particles that once injected created a small computer in the brain in order to control the people. Control the money, you control the masses. This is the end results, they are coming for the children. I read Solari Report, it’s how they will control it all.

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