How to Install Kali Linux in Pendrive?

Kali Linux is the most popular operating system for hackers and for those who work in the field of network security. Every cyber professional is aware of Kali Linux and its tools. The main reason behind using Kali Linux by network security professionals is, it comes with pre-install cybersecurity tools that can do any kind of network security task for you. For those who love to use kali Linux but don’t have an extra computer machine, we have a solution for them. Just follow the given steps below.

How to Install Kali in Pendrive

With this solution, you can use anywhere kali Linux through your Pendrive. Here are the given steps. 

1. Insert Pendrive into your computer and select format type FAT 32.

2. Open Kali Linux official website and download its Live version only. 

3. Open this link and download Universal USB Installer software.

4. Open the download path and open this software. It works without the installation. Just click on the software file and it will work without the installation.  

Install Kali Linux in Pendrive

5. Select a distribution from the dropdown to put on your USB. If you are installing Kali then select it from the dropdown list. 

Install Kali Linux in Pendrive

6. Select the Kali Linux ISO file from your computer and then select your USB drive and after that click on create. It will automatically start to extract ISO files into your Pendrive. 

Install Kali Linux in Pendrive

Plug-in your Pendrive again and reboot your system and then go to the boot option and select the USB drive. Different PC’S has different boot loader function key some works with F9 and some with F11. You can also Google to know which function key works for your desktop. It will show the kali boot loader. Now select the Kali Linux live version. 

Kali Linux Live

That’s it. You have successfully installed kali into your pen drive. Now you can run Kali Linux on any desktop whenever you want. Plug and play. Get in touch with us for more interesting articles like how to install the tor browser in Kali Linux


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