Is Anonymous banned in USA?

Anonymous is an international identity of those people who want to do good work closely for society. Is the anonymous group banned in the United State? Is it true? In this article we are going to discuss with our readers does the United State government banned anonymous in the country.

Anonymous Members

Let me clear a few things with you, anonymous is not an organization. It’s only just an idea about how to be anonymous online. That does not mean anonymous is associated with the group or organization. Everyone thinks that anonymous associated with the specific group that controls every single user. But this is a myth. Everyone who called themselves anonymous chooses their path by their own decision. Everyone is free for doing anything at their own risk.

To become anonymous all you have to do is, go to nearby mask stores and buy guyfox masks. Wear this mask and you will be anonymous for everyone. You choose this mask to hide your real identity from others. This is called anonymous. We know a few people are using the name of anonymous to doing crimes. But that does not mean to become anonymous illegal.

Conclusion: Anonymous is not banned in the USA. The government of the united state banned only those people who involve in cyber-security crimes. Anonymous is not associated with any hacking group. It’s just an idea.

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10 thoughts on “Is Anonymous banned in USA?

  1. i dont no much about computers im not that intelligent but I think these people are exposing the government the corrupt and giving us the people the real people what we should be told and aware of cause the rich and powerful dont want us to no and be kept in the dark these group of people give a bit of light to the darkness so if use are listening keep giving the world the truth and thx

  2. hello, Anonymous. donald trump disbanned anonymous from usa.
    thank you for every information you give us.
    we are Anonymous fans
    we are legion
    we do not forget
    we do not forgive
    expect us

  3. This is what it means to be apart of something bigger than yourself. The fact that people are willing to stand up and fight for our rights as individuals gives everyone the chance to make a life by their own rules. Goverments and politics think they can control us. But we as a people can show anyone that tries to take whats rightfully ours what can happen.

  4. how can I be sure that you are the real one.I read you have been gone through dismantlement .
    Prove me you are the real think…

  5. I have faith in people who is behind the mask they know what to do and how to be safe and still manage to get things done. Me i dont know nothing besides reading information if i look right and listen to people in person to see whats going on.

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